Jennie  (Black Pink 블랙핑크)
Jennie (Black Pink)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Jennie

  Hangul 제니

  Position: Rapper

  Tag Category: Black Pink

  Debut Age: 20

  Agency: YG Ent.


  Active for 3 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Jennie Kim

  Hangul: 김제니

  English: Jennie Kim


  Age: 24 years old

  Year of the: Pig

  Star Sign: Capricorn

  Gender: Female

  Height: 163 cm or 5'4"

  Speaks Japanese

  Speaks English

  ACG Parnell College

  About Jennie  제니

Kim Jennie 김제니 of YG Entertainment’s girl group Black Pink was born on Tuesday, January 16, 1996. She was born in the Chinese Year of the Pig and both she and groupmate Jisoo are the zodiac star sign Capricorn. She’s 163 cm or 5'4" tall which is only 1 cm taller than Black Pink's shortest member Jisoo.

Jennie along with two other groupmates is trilingual. Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa can all speak Korean, English, and Japanese.

Jennie was born in South Korea, but she was raised and in the Netherlands, and then she studied abroad in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College. Her nationality is Dutch.

Jennie is the leader and main rapper for Black Pink.


She became a YG Entertainment trainee in August of 2010 and trained for almost 6 years before she debuted at the age of twenty.

Before debuting she had the opportunity to appear in G-Dragon’s music videos for “That XX” and “Black,” in Lee Hi’s music video for “Special,” and in Big Bang Seungri’s music video for “GG Be.”


  • She has 2 puppies, Kai and Kuma.
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