Sehyung  (Berry Good 베리굿)
Sehyung (Berry Good)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Sehyung

  Hangul 세형

  Position: Dancer

  Position: Rapper

  Position: Visual

  Tag Category: Berry Good

  Debut Age: 16

  Agency: JTG Ent.


  Active for 5 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Kang Sehyung

  Hangul: 강세형

漢  Hanja: 姜世馨


  Age: 21 years old

  Year of the: Tiger

  Star Sign: Sagittarius

  Blood Type B

  Gender: Female

  Height: 169 cm or 5'6½"

  About Sehyung  세형

Kang Sehyung 강세형 is the visual, main dancer, and main rapper of Berry Good.

Sehyung was born on Sunday, December 13, 1998.  She and fellow member Gowoon were both born in December, 15 days apart in the same year.

She was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, along with fellow members Daye and Gowoon.  She and Seoyul share the zodiac sign Sagittarius.  Her blood type is B.

At a height of 169 cm or 5'6½", she’s Berry Good’s tallest member.  She’s taller than the shortest member, Seoyul, by 8 cm.

She majored in broadcasting and entertainment at Dongduk Women's University, the same university Daye and Gowoon have attended.  Sehyung, Taeha, Seoyul, Daye, and Gowoon all went to the Seoul School of Performing Arts.

She speaks Mandarin.

Her hobbies are watching dramas and collecting make-up.