J-Hope  (BTS 방탄소년단)
J-Hope (BTS)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: J-Hope

  Hangul 제이홉

  Position: Dancer

  Position: Rapper

  Tag Category: BTS

  Debut Age: 19

  Agency: Big Hit Ent.


  Active for 6 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Jung Hoseok

  Hangul: 정호석


  Age: 25 years old

  Year of the: Dog

  Star Sign: Aquarius

  Blood Type A

  Gender: Male

  Height: 177 cm or 5'9½"

  About J-Hope  제이홉

J-Hope 제이홉 is the main dancer and lead rapper of BTS.

J-Hope was born Jung Hoseok 정호석 on Friday, February 18, 1994, in Gwangju.

Like fellow member Rap Monster, he was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog.  His zodiac star sign is Aquarius.  He’s 177 cm or 5'9½" tall.  J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, and Junggook’s blood type is A.

He attended Global Cyber University and Gwangju Global High School.  He has an older sister.

He auditioned for JYP Entertainment with B.A.P.’s Youngjae.  He was a trainee there for three years, alongside Suga.  He rapped on 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s “Animal” and was featured in Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One” promotions.  His role models are Big Bang’s G-Dragon, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, and Beenzino.

His favorite food is kimchi.  His favorite season is spring.  His favorite color is green.  His favorite number is seven; he thinks that it’s lucky.  He’s very clean.  He hates working out.  For fun, he likes window shopping.  He likes eating like a king, using his tongue, and making sassy faces.  He has a soft spot for dogs, especially little ones and puppies.  He likes shoes and Apple products.  He hates not being paid back after lending money.  Ginger makes him vomit.  He takes good care of his Legos.

He sleeps with both arms raised above his head when laying down.  He’s confident that at least he’s good at entertaining people with funny dances.  His favorite features are his nose, his bright charm, his positive personality, his hope, and his special aegyo.  He rates his looks “100 out of 100.”  He likes the idea of being a god or a king.  He says that he “loves teasing his dongsaengs and has the brightest personality, but occasionally has unexpected timid sides to himself.”

He chose the stage name “J-Hope” because he wants to be a source of light and hope to his fans.  He says that he’s in charge of providing hope to BTS.  He loves to tease Jimin, whom he considers the member most like himself.

In ten years, he wants to continue being J-Hope of the then-internationally famous world star group BTS.  And he wants to be in the army.