Young K  (Day6 데이식스)
Young K (Day6)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Young K

  Hangul 영케이

  Position: Vocal

  Position: Rapper

  Tag Category: Day6

  Debut Age: 22

  Agency: JYP Ent.


  Active for 4 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Former Group: 5LIVE

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Kang Younghyun

  Hangul: 강영현

  English: Brian Kang


  Age: 26 years old

  Year of the: Rooster

  Star Sign: Sagittarius

  Blood Type B

  Gender: Male

  Height: 180 cm or 5'11"

  Nationality: Canadian



  Dongguk University

  About Young K  영케이

Young K 영케이 is a member of Day6.

Young K was born Kang Younghyun 강영현 on Sunday, December 19, 1993. He was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster. His zodiac star sign is Sagittarius. He goes by the name Brian Kang in Canada.

At a height of 180 cm, he is second tallest in Day6, shorter than Jae by only 2 cm. He and Jae also share the blood type B.

As a teenager, Young K moved to Toronto, Canada to attend high school, the York Mills Collegiate Institute, for four years. He used the English name Brian Kang when he attended Canadian high school. He is currently studying business administration at Dongguk University.

He wants to be called Young K, but everyone calls him Brian. His original stage name was his birth name, Younghyun, but he changed his stage name to Young K in June 2015 because it’s easier to pronounce.

He gets to use his English skills often with Day6 groupmate Jae, because as a Korean-American, Jae's a native English speaker. Jae is still learning Korean and he asks Young K for definitions of Korean words so often that they say Young K is Jae’s living Korean dictionary.

He loves to watch movies and have movie marathons. He likes watching webtoons and he loves video games. He also enjoys basketball and traveling. He likes eating unusual food so he likes to go to restaurants and try different things.

In the band Day6, Young K is a vocal and rapper in addition to playing guitar and bass guitar. He didn’t like bass at first, but learned to love it after lots of practice. He has writing credits on several Day6 songs and even wrote rap verses for other artists. He's passionate about songwriting and he sometimes gets mad when he can’t write songs because of school. He named One Republic as a musical role model.

His favorite color is purple, he's considered the strongest person in the group, and he prefers to sleep on the sofa, rather than the bed.


In Canada, prior to getting scouted by JYP Entertainment, Young K belonged to a three-member group called 3rd Degree along with friends Terry He and Don Lee. They performed at various locations in Toronto and put up videos on YouTube. Most were cover songs, but some were original songs he composed.

In 2010, he and his then bandmate Don Lee were contacted by JYP for an audition and then accepted as trainees. Don Lee later left JYP to pursue his medical studies. Young K lived with Bam Bam from Got7 as a JYP trainee.

He appeared in the fourth episode of "WIN: Who is Next?" as a part of JYP's rapping team with Got7's Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang against the combined rapping teams of Team A and Team B, and again as a part of JYP's vocalist team alongside bandmates Junhyeok, Jae, Sungjin, and Wonpil.

He appeared in "Dream High" 1 & 2 as a backup dancer.

He almost debuted in a dance group along with Wonpil. In 2014, Young K was cast as a member of 5Live, a JYP rock band that was planned but never debuted. The band added drummer Dowoon and was renamed Day6 in 2015.

Young K was featured with his label mate Baek Ahyeon for the single "Shouldn't Have" in May of 2015.


  • Sungjin and Young K were both born in 1993.
  • Jae's blood type is B; so is Young K's.
  • Jae and Young K both speak English.
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