Chanyeol  (EXO 엑소)
Chanyeol (EXO)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Chanyeol

  Hangul 찬열

  Position: Rapper

  Tag Category: EXO

  Debut Age: 20

  Agency: SM Ent.

  Subunit: EXO-K


  Active for 7 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Park Chanyeol

  Hangul: 박찬열


  Age: 27 years old

  Year of the: Monkey

  Star Sign: Sagittarius

  Blood Type A

  Gender: Male

  Height: 185 cm or 6'1"

  About Chanyeol  찬열

Park Chanyeol 박찬열 is the main rapper of EXO.

Chanyeol was born on Friday, November 27, 1992, in Seoul.

Like fellow members Baekhyun and Chen, he was born in the Chinese Year of the Monkey.  His zodiac star sign is Sagittarius.  Chanyeol, Lay, D.O., and Kai’s blood type is A.  At a height of 185 cm or 6'1", he’s EXO’s tallest member.  He’s taller than the shortest four members (Xiumin, Suho, Chen, and D.O.) by 12 cm.

Chanyeol attended Hyundai High School.  His sister is three years older than he is.

He was inspired to become a singer after he joined a band in high school and he heard the audience clapping and cheering.  He became an SM trainee in 2008.  He was in the Japanese version of SNSD’s music video for “Genie.”  He was in DBSK’s “Ha Ha Ha Song” commercial with Suho and Kai.  He plays the electric guitar; he wants to improve his skill on the guitar and drums.

Of the EXO members, Chanyeol cries the most.  He used to share a room in the dorm with Kai; he then shared a room with D.O. and Kai.  Baekhyun said, “Chanyeol’s breathing is way too loud!  And on top of that, he does this loud sniffling thing before he falls asleep.  I just can’t fall asleep with all that noise.”

His favorite Kpop group is DBSK.  He’s inspired by Yunho’s charisma, leadership, and unconditional care.  His role models are Eminem and Jason Mraz.

Chanyeol has a white cat.  His favorite number is 21.  His favorite movie is School of Rock.  His motto is, “Enjoy yourself.”

In EXO lore, Chanyeol’s superpower is fire.  His symbol is the phoenix.

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