Jihoon  (Wanna One 워너원)
Jihoon (Wanna One)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Jihoon

  Hangul 지훈

  Position: Dancer

  Tag Category: Wanna One

  Debut Age: 18

  Agency: Maroo Ent.


  Active for 2 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Park Jihoon

  Hangul: 박지훈


  Age: 20 years old

  Year of the: Hare

  Star Sign: Gemini

  Blood Type AB

  Gender: Male

  Height: 173 cm or 5'8"

  About Jihoon  지훈

Park Jihoon 박지훈 is the lead dancer of Wanna One.

Jihoon was born on May 29, 1999, in Masan.

His blood type is AB and he’s 173 cm or 5'8" tall.  He and fellow member Woojin were both born in the Year of the Hare.  Jihoon and Jaehwan’s star sign is Gemini.

He has an older brother.  Although Jihoon comes from Gyeongsan Province, he’s lived in Seoul since he was seven.  He graduated from National Middle School of Traditional Arts, where he majored in musical theatre.  He majored in broadcasting at Seoul School of Performing Arts.  He was accepted into Chung-Ang University’s Department of Theater.

He was a child actor.  His work includes musicals Peter Pan (2007–2009), The Harmonium in My Memory (2010), and Radio Star (2010–2011), and television dramas “Jumong” (2006-2007), “The King and I” (2007–2008), “Kimchi Cheese Smile” (2007–2008), and “Iljimae” (2008).  He was on SS501’s reality show “SS501 SOS” (2006), although his face was blurred out through the episodes.  In 2007, he appeared on Mnet’s “KM Idol World” with Big Bang.  He also worked as an advertisement model.

He was a trainee for 1 year and 9 months.  He trained under SM, then Fantagio.  During his time at Fantagio, he hurt his knee and couldn’t debut with Astro, and then he went to Maroo Entertainment.  Under Maroo, he competed in “Produce 101” and made it into the top 11, which enabled him to debut in Wanna One.  His final rank was 2nd place with 1,136,014 votes.  His lowest rank through the entire season was 3rd place.  Netizens voted him the best-looking on the show.

He shared a room with Wanna One members Jaehwan, Woojin, Guanlin, and Minhyun.  The other “Produce 101” trainees called him a fashion terrorist.  From training at SM, he’s friends with NCT’s Mark, and from training under Fantagio, he’s friends with the members of Astro.

He likes popping and beat-boxing.  For fun, he likes gaming.