FNC Ent.

12 years ago


Things to Know

FNC Entertainment (FNC 엔터테인먼트) was established on December 14, 2006, by singer and record producer Han Seongho.

FNC stands for "fish and cake."  Initially, the company was known as FNC Music and only managed musicians.  In 2012, they changed the name to FNC Entertainment and broadened into other areas of the entertainment industry.  Since January of 2012, the company has worked out of offices in Cheongdam-dong.

FNC is home to idol groups like F.T. Island, CNBlue, AOA, N.Flying, SF9, and Honeyst.

The company also manages actors like Jung Jinyoung, Jo Jaeyoon, Jung Woo, Park Gwanghyun, and Yoon Jinseo.

It also manages a number of entertainers, including Yoo Jaesuk, Jung Hyungdon, Lee Gukjoo, and Noh Hongchul.