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Things to Know

Fantagio Co., Ltd. 판타지오 was founded by Na Byeongjun on September 16, 2008, as NOA (Network of Asia) Entertainment before being renamed as Fantagio in June 2011.  In 2012, the company had a reported operating income of KR₩14.1 billion with a net income of KR₩1.8 billion.  Na Byeongjun and Wei Jie are co-CEOs.

Fantagio Music is a record label and music production division. In May 2012, Fantagio launched the female idol group Hello Venus as part of Tricell Media, a joint venture with Pledis Entertainment; this was dissolved in 2014, and Hello Venus continued under Fantagio Music. In September 2013, it debuted 5URPRISE, a male idol group whose members were previously in Fantagio's acting division. On February 23, 2016, they debuted the male idol group Astro, after they starred in their own drama, "To Be Continued." They also debuted a new female idol group named Weki Meki with two former members of I.O.I.  One of Fantagio's trainees is Wanna One's Ong Seongwu.

In January 2011, Fantagio founded its acting management division, Madin Entertainment. As of 2015, Fantagio managed over 50 actors and actresses.

Fantagio Pictures is a film and TV drama production division founded in November 2011, along with other subsidiaries Fantagio Music and Solid C&M.  Fantagio Pictures is credited with production or co-production of the following works:

Finding Kim Jongwook (2010)
The Crucible (also known as Dogani) (2011)
Love Fiction (2012)
"Adrenalin" (XTM serial) (2012)
577 Project (2012)
"Bokbulbok After School" (mobile drama) (2012)
Fasten Your Seatbelt (2013)
"Cunning Single Lady" (MBC serial) (2014, with IOK Media)
"Liar Game" (tvN serial) (2014, with Apollo Pictures)
"To Be Continued" (2015)
"Idol Fever" (web drama) (2017)

Solid C&M is Fantagio's division for restaurant franchises, education, distribution, and other ventures. Cafe Fantagio was launched in September 2012, and Fantagio has also invested in dessert restaurant franchise Mango Six.

On March 4, 2013, founder Na Byeongjun established Fantagio's Manager Training Academy, aiming to train future celebrity managers through a curriculum including classes in film and media relations.