Gravity, Completed by KNK 크나큰
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Song Title Time Buy
1   Rain ★ ❑ 3:27 iTunes
2   Good Night 3:02 iTunes
4   Feel So Good 3:18 iTunes
4   Think About You 1:26 iTunes
5   Love You 너무 예뻐 2:59 iTunes
6   Sun.Moon.Star 해.달.별 3:28 iTunes
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Photo Book: 84 pages
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Poster: 1 Group photo(first press)
Poster Size: 520 x 760mm

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Repackage Album - Gravity, Completed
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Since their 2016 debut, KNK has managed to pull off a matured boy-band concept, and Gravity is their most solid release. With longtime producer Kim Tae Joo once again taking the reins, “Sun.Moon.Star” is a polished, R&B-inspired breakup track that recalls K-pop hits like “Ribbon” and “12:30” by fellow boy band BEAST, a suitable model group for the soulful stars. While the guys do lovelorn well, the tropical house sound on “Love You” indicates they could easily take on upbeat electro-pop too.

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