Remain by KNK 크나큰
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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  Album Stats
•  Album Title: Mini Album Vol. 2 - Remain
•  Album Type: EP / Mini Album / Digital
•  Release Date:
•  Category: KNK
•  Group: KNK 크나큰
•  Agency: YNB Ent.
•  Duration: 18:16
•  iTunes: iTunes
•  Melon: Melon
•  Total Physical Sales: 12,864
Gaon Chart Peak Ranks
•  Weekly: 12
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•  Digipack Dimensions: 152 x 212 x 17 mm
•  Photobook: 94 Pages
•  Photocard: 1 Random out of 10
•  Standing Doll: Random 1 out of 5
•  Poster: 1 Type, first press
  Album Promo Material

Album Description

Review by  Erika on  

All in all, this album was so good! I'm really proud of be a Tinkerbell :two_hearts:

 1. Stay

“Stay for me baby”

Stay is a good introduction to the new album, I love KNK’s whole vibe when it comes to the music, how it's calm yet not boring. A little jazz pop-ish, no? Seungjun’s dark voice really shines in this song though! I also find myself wanting more of this song, first Gone now Stay. Stop making such good introduction songs KNK, or make them full length haha! I also love how the introduction song also is connected to the title track.

 2. U

KNK are back at it again with another upbeat song that I just want to jump up and dance to. And yet the song itself is both sad and encouraging. The chorus with the “U” part wasn’t what I had expected, and I was quite unsure about it at first, but after a couple of replays, I really dig it! Love experienced as a goodbye isn’t a fun feeling, when the person you once loved suddenly seem like a stranger. But you still need them by your side. You don’t wanna give up trying to find what you once had together. The song is extremely catchy aswell, I can understand why it is the title track.

 2. Beauty

For me, Beauty could have worked perfectly as the title track as well. As a song it has the whole dance vibe to it, it is a song which is easy to jam out to. From the first second with the piano opening (excuse me, but I’m a sucker for piano), the song doesn’t slow down. And not to mention the “Hey-ey-ey!” part is extremely catchy and will most likely be stuck in my head for weeks to come.

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