Boyfriend by Boyfriend 보이프렌드
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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•  Album Title: Boyfriend - Single Album Vol. 1
•  Album Type: EP / Mini Album / Digital
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•  Category: Boyfriend
•  Agency: Starship Ent.
•  Duration: 13:51
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•  Total Physical Sales: 13,239
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Album Description

Review by TheNextHokage on  

New idol group Boyfriend have certainly made a splash on the Kpop scene and have gotten the hearts of fan girls beating. Something people have also been focusing on is the look-a-like identical twins but is their music something to get excited about?

Boyfriend released the five track mini album with three songs and two instrumentals. I really didn’t expect I would like this group much, but after watching the “Boyfriend” MV I thought it would be a group that would be mainly focused towards girls, and the MV suggested as much.

 1. Let’s Get It Started

Track one is “Let’s Get It Started” and it was a pleasant surprise to begin the album. I expected a cutesy or sweet ballad but instead “Let’s Get It Started,” is a song with a very deep bass and club synth sounds. It reminded me of the song “Digital Bounce” from Se7en’s album “Digital Bounce.” As soon as I heard this song I knew that there would be more to the group than just a cutesy side.

 2. Boyfriend

Track two is “Boyfriend” and it is quite the catchy song. You do however have to be interested in the “cute side” of Kpop to like it, especially the MV. This is their first single and the music video made me think of them as a cutesy Teen Top, as their dance moves seem very similarly and crisply choreographed like them. I do like the song for the chorus is catchy, but this seems like a song for the young girls out there; so I am sure that there’s a chance they will enjoy it more.

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