THE WAR: The Power of Music by EXO 엑소
• LP / Full Album / Digital
  Track List
Song Title Idol Lyricist 작사 Lyricist 작사 Music by Time Buy
1   Power ★ ❑ James Matthew Norton
LDN Noise
3:42 iTunes
2   Sweet Lies Chanyeol (EXO) Joseph “Joe Millionaire” Foster
Tay Jasper
3:36 iTunes
3   Boomerang 부메랑 Daniel “Obi” Klein
Thomas Sardorf
Ilang Lumholt
3:00 iTunes
4   Power (Instrumental) James Matthew Norton
LDN Noise
3:39 iTunes
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Song Title Lyricist 작사 Music by Time Buy
1   Power 超音力 (Chinese version) ★ ❑ James Matthew Norton
LDN Noise
3:42 iTunes
2   Sweet Lies 甜蜜謊言 (Chinese version) Joseph “Joe Millionaire” Foster
Tay Jasper
Otha `Vakseen` Davis III
3:36 iTunes
3   Boomerang 愛迴旋 (Chinese version) Daniel “Obi” Klein
Thomas Sardorf
Ilang Lumholt
3:00 iTunes
4   Power 超音力 (Instrumental) James Matthew Norton
LDN Noise
3:39 iTunes
★ - Promotional Main | ☆ - B Side Promo | ❑ - Has MV

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Digipak Dimensions: W 181 x H 255 X T 20 (mm)
Graphic Novel Comic: Random 1 Page out of 10 Pages
Graphic Novel Comic Dimensions: W 168 X H 241 (mm)
Character Cards: 16 included
Double Cards: 4 included
Group Card: 1 included
Postcard: 1 Random out of 16
Paper Manual: 1 included

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Vol. 4 Repackage - THE WAR: The Power of Music
LP / Full Album / Digital

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Repackage Info


Exo The War Album CoverExo’s THE WAR: The Power of Music is a repackage of the album Vol. 4 THE WAR, which was promoted with the single “Ko Ko Bop.”

The track list above features the new songs that were not included on the original album. The tracks are listed as they appear on the iTunes version of the album. The instrumental version of “Power” is available exclusively on iTunes.

Physical Album Tracklist:
 Korean Version
1. 전야 (前夜) (The Eve) 
2. Power 
3. Sweet Lies 
4. Ko Ko Bop 
5. What U do? 
6. Forever 
7. 부메랑 (Boomerang) 
8. 다이아몬드 (Diamond) 
9. 너의 손짓 (Touch It) 
10. 소름 (Chill) 
11. 기억을 걷는 밤 (Walk On Memories) 
12. 내가 미쳐 (Going Crazy) 
 Chinese Version
1. 破风 (The Eve) 
2. 超音力 (Power) 
3. 甜蜜谎言 (Sweet Lies) 
4. 叩叩趴 (Ko Ko Bop) 
5. 可爱·可恶 (What U do?) 
6. 我加你等于永远 (Forever) 
7. 爱 回旋 (Boomerang) 
8. C乐章 (Diamond) 
9. 指语 (Touch It) 
10. 寒噤 (Chill) 
11. 梦回暮夜 (Walk On Memories) 
12. 疯语者 (Going Crazy)

Album Description

Review by  Patrick_Magee on  

In a V Live broadcast earlier this summer, EXO’s Baekhyun ;stated that "Ko Ko Bop" was just a taste of what would come with the group’s repackaged version of The War album, setting expectations high. It turned out that he wasn’t pulling our collective leg - EXO dropped The Power Of Music, and it seemed like what was an already stellar album managed to grow and become even better. With 3 new songs including an addictively catchy title track, EXO returned from their reign as summer heroes to set the tone for autumn.

 1. Power

The title track for this release, "Power," is best consumed alongside its wonderfully weird space-age video. Continuing with the fun motif introduced by its teaser pictures and videos, which saw the EXO members reprising their roles as superheroes with special powers for the sake of a card game, the video shows a fun side of the group that we usually only get to see in variety show appearances. They act over-the-top and send laser beam shots flying at space enemies in what appears to be a dystopian video game world, and manage to make the whole process look a lot more fun than it is scary. The video is drenched in special effects, with all sorts of digital compositions taking the screen and making it feel like a futuristic experience (or at least the awesome B movie version of one). The plot twist towards the end of the video takes it from being simply good to a memorable surrealist piece, though it's something you really have to see for yourself to appreciate.

As for the actual music, "Power" sounds a little bit like what you'd expect from EXO at this point: thumping electro-house with a strong chorus, a beautiful and sensitive middle eight, and even the occasional wobble bass to keep the song moving. It's a different kind of flavor than what the group brought to the table on "Ko Ko Bop," with the tempo being much faster on this track and consequentially making for a more dance-ready listening experience. While the song is certainly fun thanks to its sing-along qualities, it's familiar ground for the group, now on its fourth album and showing little signs of breaking out from the contemporary K-Pop mold.

 2. Sweet Lies

Outside of "Power," the repackage album contains two more new songs, "Sweet Lies" and "Boomerang." The former is perhaps one of the sexiest tracks EXO has done to date, working with the trappings of the R&B genre to create one of the steamiest songs in EXO’s discography. This is a strong showing for label SM Entertainment, who have always been known for experimenting with different sounds for their major acts. Though the move might not have worked when all the members were much younger (and thusly younger-sounding), it’s successfully pulled off here and adds a distinguishing touch to the album.

 3. Boomerang

"Boomerang" is a fun throwback song, with a mix of disco and R&B vibes that gives listeners a good idea of what Bruno Mars would sound like as a chilled-out boy band. It’s heavy on the synthesized bass, which makes it instantly danceable - just bust out your favorite shiny suit or medallion, and you’ll be ready to go with this track.

[full review here]