From. WJSN by Cosmic Girls 우주소녀
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Song Title Idol Lyricist 작사 Lyricist 작사 Composer 작곡 Arranger 편곡 Producer Time Buy
1   Wish 너에게 닿기를 ★ ❑ Exy (Cosmic Girls) 3:38 iTunes
2   Baby Come To Me Exy (Cosmic Girls) 3:07 iTunes
3   Say Yes 주세요 Exy (Cosmic Girls) 3:36 iTunes
4   Perfect! 최애 3:34 iTunes
5   Hug U 이리와 Exy (Cosmic Girls) 3:28 iTunes
6   I Wish (Chinese Ver.) 너에게 닿기를 Exy (Cosmic Girls) 3:38 iTunes
★ - Promotional Main | ☆ - B Side Promo | ❑ - Has MV

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From. WJSN
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by Afeef on  

Cosmic Girls is back for their first comeback of 2017, with mini-album titled From. WJSN. While it consists of mainly homogenous pop tunes, the catchy melodies and easy-listening vibes save the album from doom. As an added bonus, Exy, the group’s leader, has contributed significantly to the composition of the From. WJSN.

 1. I Wish  

"I Wish" is a dreamlike, youthful synthpop number that’s equal parts alluring and energetic. What makes it more compelling is the introduction of R&B influences in this ditty, such as the classy beat, the rhythmic drum beats, and the occasional appearances of auto-tune.

 2. Baby Come To Me

Similar to I WishBaby Come To Me is a cute and uplifting track. While this song does not really show much of Cosmic Girls’ color and potential, the incredibly catchy melody more than makes up for it.

 3. 주세요 Say Yes

“Say Yes” once again follows the footsteps of the previous tracks. It’s a cheerful and whimsical song, but with an acoustic twist. The delicate guitar strums and dreamy piano chords set the stage for this well-executed, easy-listening track.

 4. 최애 Perfect!

The lively, cheeky vibes are starting to get repetitive with the song “Perfect!” The retro-influenced beat couldn’t really save this song from a rather negative review, since the girls’ voices here felt abrasive. Overall, the song felt safe and typical of what you’d expect from Cosmic Girls.

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