Dream Part.01 by Astro 아스트로
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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★ - Promotional Main | ☆ - B Side Promo | ❑ - Has MV

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All photos different between Day and Night versions
Dimensions: 190 x 190 x 33 mm
Photobook: 64 pages
Postcard: 1 group photo per version
Photocard: 2 of 12 designs per version
Transparent Photocard: 1 of 6 designs per version
Poster: 1 group photo per version

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Mini Album Vol. 4 - Dream Part.01
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Along with their first concert in July 2017, Astro starts a new series with their fourth mini-album Dream Part. 01. The first chapter tells the fantasy story of a dream-selling shop.
The bundle set comes with both versions of the album. Each album comes with a 64-page photobook, a postcard, two random photo cards and a random transparent photo card.

This set also comes with a random paper stand and includes a Day Version poster and a Night Version poster in a protective tube. Album and poster shipments may arrive at different times.

 Review by  Kookie♡Kisses #serendipity on Aminoapps.com  

Astro just always hits us with amazing songs every time. ... This whole album is amazing, and I’m really shook by the fact this is a part 1, I’m super excited to see what they’ll be doing for part 2! How will they continue this? What do you think they’ll do?! Also I wanna add I love the electric guitar at parts of some of the songs lol it’s a good touch! I’m really happy with this album and everything about it, and I really hope they get a win for “Baby.” Fighting Aroha! 

 1. Dreams Come True  

I think this song is a perfect way to open up this album, it sounds bubbly just like the concept of the album and title track, yet it also sounds like Astro's vibe and it's just a great song in general. The song is super catchy and it was done extremely well. This is a concept Astro nails and I'm super happy with it, can I also just point out that soda was also used in “Breathless,” is this gonna be re-occurring?

This song has some really unique parts to it, and I enjoy it a lot, it's one you'll get slightly stuck in your head and you'll need to hear it just to feed your appetite haha. This is definitely a song many people can enjoy.

 2. Baby 

I cannot express how in love I am with this song. It's sooo cute and amazing, and their vocals have gotten so much better! I'm definitely not saying their vocals were EVER bad, Astro always had super beautiful and powerful vocals, but I'm so surprised they've actually improved in their vocal talents even if it was just a little when I didn't think it could get any better! Eunwoo has more lines and his voice is so amazing, and MJ is killing it as always. I'm so so happy with this song and everything about it, especially the high notes in the back. Idk why I love it so much lol it sounds so cute~

The choreography is literally so amazing and there are parts of it that I love literally so much and I just adore it, the only thing I never enjoyed about Astro's choreo is there's almost always a member directly in the back behind another member, but I know that's only to even out the number of members on each side of the focused member. Although I know it's like that for a reason and to balance it out, for some reason it makes me sad lol, but it's ok ^-^ They always kill their choreography and they're extremely talented, especially for a rookie group, and I really hope Astro goes far!

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