Winter Dream by Astro 아스트로
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•  Album Title: Special Album Winter Dream
•  Album Type: Single / Physical / Digital
•  Release Date:
•  Category: Astro
•  Group: Astro 아스트로
•  Agency: Fantagio
•  Duration: 10:15
•  iTunes: iTunes
•  Melon: Melon
•  Total Physical Sales: 23,201
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•  Photobook: 56 pages
•  Photocard: 2 random out of 12
•  Postcard: 1 group photo
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Album Description

Review by Afeef on

Marking the end of Astro’s season-themed albums is their special album, Winter Dream. Surprisingly, there’s no music video to represent this album, but that’s probably because the title track does not fit with the mood and style of Astro’s previous title tracks. Overall, Winter Dream is a competent album that sticks with Astro’s comfort zone of sweet pop ditties.

1. 붙잡았어야 해 Should Have Held Onto You  

Should Have Held Onto You is a surprisingly melancholic ballad, something out of the norm from their title tracks. Gentle finger snaps, electric guitar riffs, and their unusually evocative vocals create the atmosphere for this refreshing track.

2. Cotton Candy 

Staying on the safe route is a cute, innocent pop track with a slight hip hop twist. It’s really impossible to suppress your happiness after listening to this undeniably uplifting song. The sweet synth sounds really add to the pleasant feel about Cotton Candy.

3. You & Me Thanks AROHA

You & Me is a song that successfully expresses Astro’s appreciation for their dedicated fanbase, AROHA, through their adorable voices that will surely melt your heart.

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