Autumn Story by Astro 아스트로
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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•  Album Title: Astro Mini Album Vol. 3 - Autumn Story
•  Album Type: EP / Mini Album / Digital
•  Release Date:
•  Category: Astro
•  Group: Astro 아스트로
•  Agency: Fantagio
•  Duration: 16:40
•  iTunes: iTunes
•  Melon: Melon
•  Total Physical Sales: 64,393
Gaon Chart Peak Ranks
•  Weekly: 6
•  Monthly: 12
  Inside the Box
•  All photos are unique between Orange and Red Versions
•  First Press comes with a random hidden track on CD
•  Photobook: 48 pages
•  Photocards: 2 random
•  Photo ID: 1 random
•  Photo Postcard: 1 Red or Orange
•  ID Photo: 1 random of 6 possible
•  Poster: 1 group poster and 6 member posters
•  Group Poster: 770 x 525 mm
•  Member Poster Size: 360 x 525 mm
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Album Description

Review by  antartikis on  

Astro Autumn Story PhotobookOne thing I always watch out for in albums is how they lay out the photos, some photo books have very minimal or small photos and include pages with absolutely nothing on them. A lot of my favourite groups do that, and it bugs me since I find it a waste of money truthfully. With Astros albums, however, they hit all the marks of what I see in a good photo book. All the spaces are filled and I can see the photos clearly without having to strain my eyes ahaha, even if you struggle to open the book fully you can still see each page. The jacket shoot was brilliant too, the vibe I get from it is super cozy and warm- similar to how you'd want to be during Autumn. There was never a bad shot: 10/10 for the photo book to be honest.

 1. Lonely  

I loved this song, the vibe it gives off is unexplainable for me, but the beat itself is really catchy and cheerful despite it being a song about loneliness.

(From watching their music videos over time, it seems as if they don't exist or are unnoticed by those around them. That's just the idea that I see from them, it's probably not that at all, but I'm just stating this so my next point will make sense to you all).

I find some of the lyrics fit in with that concept, if that's what they're aiming for or it's completely coincidental? I don't know. Just the certain line Eunwoo says: "Why can't you see me", had me shook, it just fit in perfectly and if that's what they planned then I'm incredibly impressed. Even if that's just my imagination, it doesn't change the fact that this is a brilliant song.

2. Confession 고백  

One word: bop. This song is such a bop. I love everything about it. I'm someone who prefers to listen to the background / instrumentals in songs, and all the sounds used in this are so quirky and cute: a lot is going on in it. So yeah it's very enjoyable for me.

It's yet another cheerful song / beat in this album, and I can see why it was the title track. In fact, out of all of their title tracks so far, I believe this is their best one yet. If you're not into 'childish concepts', Astro may not be the group for you, but 'Confession' is probably the most mature song than the rest of the title tracks.

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