Summer Vibes by Astro 아스트로
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Song Title Time Buy
1   1. Fireworks 3:18 iTunes
2   Breathless ★ ❑ 3:19 iTunes
3   Growing Pains 3:44 iTunes
4   Polaris 3:21 iTunes
5   My Style 3:30 iTunes
6   Breathless (Acoustic Version) 3:25 iTunes
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Dimensions: 11 x 154 x 212 mm
Photobook: 96 pages
Poster: Random 1 out of two
Poster Size : 540 x 730 mm

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Astro Mini Album Vol. 2 - Summer Vibes
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by  eric_r_wirsing on  

After getting you to Spring Up with their debut in February, Astro is back to give you those Summer Vibes. Their summer comeback gives you 6 brand new tracks. So kick back, tip back that iced tea, and let’s take this for a spin!

 1. Fireworks

The lead song is “Fireworks,” which has a sweet structure. It reminds me of nothing so much as a 1D song, but goes a little deeper than that. I like the way the harmonies come storming in, when all the boys combine their voices. There’s some great rapping in here, and these elements save the somewhat weak chorus.

2. Breathless

“Breathless” is the title track, and this song jumps right out at you. It sounds more energetic than “Hide and Go Seek” and gives you that chin-bobbing pleasure that good dance pop is supposed to provide. It’s very hooky and catchy. Jijin and Rocky’s raps add a lot of urban goodness to the tune. It didn’t leave me breathless, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The acoustic remix has everything I love about this tune, so it’s worth checking out too.

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