Revolt by Imfact 임팩트
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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1   Prism 1:10 iTunes
2   Feel So Good ★ 3:27 iTunes
3   Mirrorz 3:17 iTunes
4   Woo 3:59 iTunes
5   Feel So Good (Instrumental) 3:30 iTunes
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Photobook: 76 pages
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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by  ℓυ¢ку σηє  on  

Talking about the general aesthetic, it seems that their agency has finally realized that just a sweet scholar guys concept won't be a huge boom in a year filled with boy group debuts, so they're doing a total change: something darker, like Masc's "Strange" and with a cool vibe like Pentagon's "Gorilla".

 1. Prism 

This track is not exactly a full song, but more like an opening, or an intro for the mini album. The rhythm of the song is fast and it's supposed to have a badass sound, such as the title track, but there's something about the echo effect of the voices, and the base that gives more like a smooth vibe.

To express what I feel while listening to it: it's the same sensation that I have when it's raining and I hear the drops falling on my window... Doesn't it sound like it to you?

3. Mirrorz

This was exactly what I was waiting to hear from Imfact, and it's hands down my favourite track in the whole mini. It's a softer track, not a ballad since it has a fast rhythm and mix of rap parts, jamming danceable parts, and slower parts. It focus more on the guy's vocals, especially on Taeho's, showing the fans that they're not just badass rookies but also talented singers.

I also love this song the most because it gives me a nostalgic feeling, it makes me think about life, and about things that happened and leaves me all melancholic, but in a happy way.

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