Lollipop by Imfact 임팩트
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1   I’M FACT 0:49 iTunes
2   Lollipop 롤리팝 ★ 3:20 iTunes
3   Shine 샤인 3:17 iTunes
4   Trouble Maker 양아치 3:29 iTunes
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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by  eric_r_wirsing on  

Star Empire has debuted their newest boy band, five member group IMFACT! The band is made of members Jian, Jeup, Taeho, Ungjae, and Leesang. They apparently have a sweet tooth, because their first album is titled “Lollipop.” The title track is written and composed by none other than their very own maknae, Ungjae.

1. I’M FACT  

A playful, synth-driven intro song, the refrain being: “I like to party.” It’s serviceable. Not the best intro, but hardly the worst. Each member had a hand in this song, and it sets the tone for the album well. 

2. 롤리팝 Lollipop 

This song is probably not what I would have led with. It frankly doesn’t hang together as well as I like; there’s no flow. It lurches from one melody to the next, though I like the chorus. The band has pretty good pipes, though. If they’d kept to just one tune it would have been a lot better. As it is, there are some fun moments, and the brass gives it a unique sound, but the song as a whole is a mess. The message is they want her to be their lollipop. 


I like how this album holds together overall. They manage to do a great job of varying the compositions without straying from the pop structure.  The only thing I could ask is that the hooks be more prominent, something to chant at live shows would be nice. They’ve got potential -- it’s obvious the boys have talent, and should be proud of what they penned.

[full review here]

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