Romance by Vromance 브로맨스
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Song Title Time Buy
1   I’m Fine ❑ 4:05 iTunes
2   The Jobless 삼년째 백수 3:26 iTunes
3   Don’t Say Goodbye 헤어지지 말자 4:26 iTunes
4   Thanks For Being Pretty 예뻐서 고마워 4:23 iTunes
5   selFISH 어장관리 3:23 iTunes
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Dimensions: 9 x 140 x 190 mm
Photobook: 32 pages
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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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   Album Description

Review by  Jazmine on

Vocal group, Vromance, is back shortly after their debut last year to serenade us with their latest mini-album, Romance. Romance is filled with five heartwarming tracks from a group of talented vocalists. Get ready to embark on an emotional musical journey as you surely won’t stop listening to this love-inspired album.

  1. I’m Fine  

I’m Fine opens up the album with a traditional ballad track. Strings and piano team up to give more room for emphasis on the vocals. The chorus needs a bit of a revamp as it sounds weaker than the verse. Otherwise, this track has a simple melody composition that works well in highlighting the members’ individual vocal capacity.

2. 삼년째 백수 The Jobless

Singing about the sentiments of those who can’t find a job, Vromance pours out all their heart in this laid-back mid-tempo R&B track. The superb harmonization along with the funky horns in the background are the highlight of “The Jobless.”

3. 헤어지지 말자 Don’t Say Goodbye (or Let’s Not Break Up)

Let’s Not Break Up warms up the album with its sad guitar strumming and finger snaps. Though the lyrics is about getting back together with a past lover, I find the melody quite relaxing. Let’s Not Break Up is a track one can listen to when you just want to wind down after a hectic day.

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