The Action by Vromance 브로맨스
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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1   Introduce Basick 2:45 iTunes
2   Longtime Lovers 오래된 연인들 3:55 iTunes
3   She 여자 사람 친구 3:37 iTunes
4   Bing 빙 Big Tray 3:50 iTunes
5   Already Winter 벌써 겨울 4:13 iTunes
6   She (Instrumental) 여자 사람 친구 3:37 iTunes
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Dimensions: 14 x 143 x 194 mm
PhotoBook: 20 Page

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Mini Album Vol. 1 - The Action
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Starting with the intro track Introduce featuring Show Me the Money 4 winner Basick, the six-track mini-album contains the swing-inspired funky title track She, the urban R&B number Longtime Lovers, a remake of hip-hop trio Sweet Poets’ classic jam Bing and leader Park Jang Hyun’s solo version of Already Winter, which was previously released as a duet with Huh Gak.

Review by eric_r_wirsing on

 1. Introduce  

Introduc has rapper Basick, back from hiatus and jumping into yet another collaboration. It’s definitely plastic soul -- the raw sound of soul distilled down, replacing its earthiness with smooth harmonies. It’s seductive and soulful at the same time, not to mention exceedingly slick. Basick has a small part in here; he's there and in a flash -- he's gone -- the song would have been the same without him.

 3. She  

The disco-inspired She continues the distinct R&B feel of the album. In my opinion, this is in part the role of a title track. As much as the intro, it should inform and give you the best of what the album has to offer. In this case, I’m not sure it's the best, but it's not bad. It takes elements from both disco and swing, giving it a fresh-yet-familiar feel. I like how Janghyun hits the high notes here, and I think without him, this song would sound like everybody else’s.

4. 빙 Bing (feat. Big Tray)

A particular favorite of mine on the album is Bing. It’s got a funky feel, too, but a very different one from She, allowing them to showcase their vocals in a unique way. They do everything from the nonsense ya ya ya hooks to vibrato and emotional climaxes. They really make this song pop more than their title track. It’s funny, too, as they come upon some bullies stealing lunch money, and they threaten the bullies ’til they turn over their cash. 

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