As If It’s Your Last by Black Pink 블랙핑크
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•  Album Title: As If It’s Your Last
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•  Duration: 3:33
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Album Description

Review by  eric_r_wirsing on  

Black Pink is in your area again, and they’ve just dropped their new single, "As If It’s Your Last." 

 1. “As If It’s Your Last”  

This tune reminds me a bit of tropical house. I know the official press materials don’t say that, but that’s just my initial impression. It’s supposed to sound different. Apparently, all their previous tunes were about the "black," and edgy. This is their "pink" concept, happy and bright. So the idea is to have a contrasting sound.

Is it different? Yes, yes it is. It’s definitely a lot more high energy and cheerful. The chorus is belted with more decibels behind it than "Playing With Fire."  Lisa’s raps are far happier, and bereft of the fierceness that characterized her earlier raps. Campy, almost. Almost. Rather than darkly sexy bridges, they’re more mainstream, though still seductive. And the song is no less hook-filled, either. There are tons of juicy sing-along hooks to sink your teeth into.

Even though it’s supposed to be contrasting, it does have a similar sound to their previous work. The song is distinctly Black Pink. There’s no mistaking the style, the vocals. From the sharp refrains by Jennie to Jisoo’s softer stylings. But it is brighter, livelier, and just overall fun. All of their work is fun, but in this case, it definitely matches up with a good time in the summer.  

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