Square Two by Black Pink 블랙핑크
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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1   Playing With Fire 불장난 ❑ 3:17 iTunes
2   Stay ❑ 3:50 iTunes
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EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Album Description

Review by Angela on Funcurve 

The rookie YG girl group Black Pink is back with their second single album Square Two after a hugely successful debut album. While still very much embodying the expected YG swagger, the girls managed to show a different, softer, side of their charisma. Square Two is yet another solid effort that showcases Black Pink’s range of potentials.

1. 불장난 Playing With Fire

Jumpy piano chords is quickly joined by groovy organ-like synths riffs and bumpin’ dance beats to give this EDM infused track an immediately memorable backbeat. Playing into the message of the song, the girls’ fiery vocals and passionate rap stay in sync with the song’s tribal hip hop crossover vibe. Playing With Fire is what YG does best, turning an okay song into a great one with top-notch producing capabilities.


This is quite an unexpected track from Black Pink, who’s been nothing short of sass and high energy thus far. Stay is a quiet, bluesy pop ballad that begins with melodic guitar chords and sentimental harmonica sounds. As the girls’ delicate vocals bring out all the wistful and longing emotions, the song surprisingly changes tempo during the chorus to pick up the pace backed by clapping beats. This quirky transition makes the song much more dynamic and interesting to listen to. 


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