Square One by Black Pink 블랙핑크
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•  Album Title: Square One
•  Album Type: Single / Digital
•   Additional Formats: Digital Only
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•  Category: Black Pink
•  Agency: YG Ent.
•  Duration: 7:33
•  iTunes: iTunes
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Review by  on unitedkpop.com

With Black Pink set to make their comeback sometime soon, it felt appropriate to review their debut mini-album Square One which was released 14th August 2016. Containing just two songs, the debut effort may be short, but it sure packs a powerful punch.

1. “Whistle”

Composed by Teddy, Future Bounce, and Bekuh BOOM, “Whistle” has a strong hip hop influence, typical of YG artists. The repeated whistled hook is an interesting idea, and offers the inclusion of the song title in a unique way. It’s a bold opening statement, and when paired with the first line “make ‘em whistle like a missile bomb”, it is clear that Black Pink are full of swagger and not here to mess around. The vocals are left with a minimal, no-fuss, rhythmic instrumental allowing the quartet to display their talent instead of being drowned out by multiple layers of sounds. The breakdown before the chorus increases the tension, which the chorus completely and unexpectedly undermines; Black Pink are in control of what the listener is going to hear, and it’s not going to be formulaic.

 2. “Boombayah”  

The now popular “Black Pink in your area” chant as well as the electronic instrumental open the second debut song for the group. Similarly to “Whistle”, the song uses a trap and hip-hop influenced sound, with a simple instrumental which particularly focuses on the song’s beat. Lisa takes the crown in this track, offering several slick, smooth raps which display her talent. While the music video for “Whistle” has some darker toned segments, “Boombayah” provides the viewer with vibrant colours from start to finish; an attack on the senses. Black Pink make it clear from the start that they are aiming to make a statement; they want to be –and remain- in your area.

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