Breaking Sensation by SF9 에스에프나인
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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1   Intro 이별 즈음에 1:30 iTunes
2   Easy Love 쉽다 ★ ❑ iTunes
3   Watch Out iTunes
4   Hide And Seek 머리카락 보일라 3:57 iTunes
5   Fall Down 이러다가 울겠어 3:01 iTunes
6   Why 왜 이래 3:06 iTunes
★ - Promotional Main | ☆ - B Side Promo | ❑ - Has MV

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Mini Album Vol. 2 - Breaking Sensation
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by FireBunny on K-Pop Amino

Thank you for reading my review on SF9’s 2nd mini album Breaking Sensation. I think this was the best album I’ve reviewed of this year. “Easy Love” is my new favorite SF9 song and the entire album is unique.

1. 이별 즈음에 Intro  

The intro of the album opens you up into what seems like a world out of this universe. It starts off with the instrumentals which sounds glitchy from the start which transitions into rap slowly. Think this song as like a mini mixtape to welcome you to the album. It reminds me of the way some K-Rappers rap. They start off slow and singing slowly, but as the music gets faster their voice gets deeper and they start to rap faster. Pretty unique way that I've seen so far to introduce your album and such.

2. 쉽다 Easy Love

THIS. SONG. IS. PURE. GOLD. Everything about it is on point from their dancing to their outfits all the way to the MV filming and their vocals along with their visuals. This song really should get SF9 their first award since all of their songs are absolutely amazing bops. The line distribution was still something they didn’t fix but they made me a happy Fantasy by giving Dawon and Jaeyoon lines! I reacted the exact same way as when I saw Hyungwon get lines in “Beautiful” by Monsta X! Also when did Chani’s voice get so deep? I wasn’t prepared for it so I was shook. I love how the song transitions from singing to rap and vice versa. It started off with Rowoon’s deep voice with his singing and went on to Chani who passed it on to either Taeyang or Inseong? Correct me if I'm wrong. I still don’t know their voices yet. :sweat_smile: also Youngbin is so good at rapping! Just how!?!?

 [full review here]

Note: The physical album cover is a metallic iridescent silver color that sort of shimmers.