Feeling Sensation by SF9 에스에프나인
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Digipak Size: 151 x 210 mm
Photobook: 48 pages
Photo Postcard: 9 pieces
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Feeling Sensation
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by eric_r_wirsing on allkpop.com

 1. 팡파레 Fanfare  

With a cacophonous noise, "Fanfare" starts out this musical trio. It's one of those impossibly catchy songs, where every verse brings some new hook. This is the sweet spot where dance-pop succeeds and does so admirably. The only quibble I have is with the English chorus, where they mangle 'fanfare' as 'panpalli.' The irony is it's a large part of what makes the song so catchy.

 2. K.O.   

You might think they'd dial it down for the next song, but "K.O." is anything but dialed down. With the awesome hooks "go, go,we go psycho" and "go crazy, go crazy, K.O., knockdown, take it over, take it" this song had me going crazy for it. In some ways, I like this one better than the title track. Taeyang commands the high notes here, and gives the song some variation. Not like it needs it -- the repetition is its strength.

 3. Together   

"Together" is where the band flirts with softer tones. Delivering a soothing smoothness, they express their love for a girl. It's basic, and pretty much hits all the right notes, even if it's entirely familiar. My main issue with this one is that it's sort of by-the-numbers, and didn't really stand out to me.

This isn't a bad collection of songs, but it's also really short. There's just enough here to get a taste of the band, but what a taste! The boys know how to deliver -- the vocals here are smooth in some places, but mostly just edgy and raw, which is what I prefer. If they can keep this same quality, I predict nothing but good things from FNC's new rookie group. 

[full review here]