Five Senses by Pentagon 펜타곤
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Song Title Idol Lyricist 작사 Lyricist 작사 Composer 작곡 Arranger 편곡 Time Buy
1   Can You Feel It 감이 오지 3:16 iTunes
2   Engine Wooseok (Pentagon)
Yuto (Pentagon)
3:14 iTunes
3   Pretty Pretty 예쁨 3:09 iTunes
4   Lose Yourself 풀러 E’Dawn (Pentagon) 3:16 iTunes
5   Stay Crazy 정신 못 차려도 돼 E’Dawn (Pentagon) 3:16 iTunes
★ - Promotional Main | ☆ - B Side Promo | ❑ - Has MV

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Five Senses - Mini Album Vol. 2
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Review by Richelle 리셸 on K-Pop Amino

Pentagon came back with their second mini album Five Senses and being the absolute pentatrash that I am, I decided to write a review for this brilliant album. Pentagon has once again amazed me with their music and considering their rookie status, these guys are putting out songs which set the bar high for future group debuts. I love the feel of their music and appreciate the members for actually participating in song writing, producing, and lyric composing themselves. This album definitely didn’t disappoint my already high expectations of Pentagon and I hope this blog will encourage more of you guys to give them a shot. And without further ado, let’s get into the review!

 1. “Can You Feel It”

“Can You Feel It” is the title track to this album and it’s a solid EDM with a well shaped melody and stylish vocals. Like Hui mentioned in their showcase, this song sports a more sexy feel in comparison to their previous title “Gorilla.” However, I like how they still decided to keep the brass trumpets in both songs’ choruses because it makes them exotic and higher quality as brass instruments are often hard to corporate well into songs.

One of the reasons why I love this song so much is the fair line distribution. “Gorilla” was honestly okay with its line distribution but “Can You Feel It?” was actually a lot better (even if poor Shinwon didn’t get many lines :sob:). The song itself doesn’t include too many difficult vocal parts so the main vocals weren’t biased too much and the sub vocals were given a lot more lines to shine with. Because of all these voices uniting together to form a memorable track, the song sounds a lot more edgy and appealing.

In terms of instruments, I fell in love with the electric guitar the first time I listened to the song. It adds a lot more depth to the song and because the melody sounds a little messy at times, it acts as a constant medium throughout the whole track to keep in consistent. The structure of this song is also typical of an EDM, with strong vocals in the verses, followed by a catchy pre-chorus before an instrumental based chorus.

I enjoyed listening to this song thoroughly and the MV was also stunning. It definitely sounds hip hop influenced and I’m happy to hear that Pentagon is branching out to different genres and experimenting with their music. The members were able to meld their voice colours well without any huge gap in tones. The vocals were distinctive and the raps were fun to listen to (especially with Yuto introducing himself at the beginning of his rap). Overall, I recommend listening to this song if you want something to jam along to during any occasion.  [full review on]

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