Pentagon by Pentagon 펜타곤
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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Song Title Time Buy
1   Wake Up (Intro) 1:25 iTunes
2   Pentagon 3:25 iTunes
3   Gorilla 3:05 iTunes
4   Lukewarm 미지근해 3:29 iTunes
5   5. Smile 3:33 iTunes
6   Organic Song 귀 좀 막아줘 3:40 iTunes
7   You Are 3:41 iTunes
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Demensions: 151mm x 210mm
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Pentagon - Mini Album Vol.1
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

Cube Entertainment’s new group Pentagon, which previously appeared in Mnet's survival show Pentagon Maker, announces their debut with their first self-titled mini-album! The rookie group includes leader Hui, Jin Ho (Jino of S.M. The Ballad), Hong Seok, E’Dawn, Shin Won, Yeo One, Kino, Woo Seok, Chinese member Yan An and Japanese member Yuto. The mini-album features the powerful title hip-hop track Gorilla and songs penned by the members, including the intro track Wake Up, “Organic Song” performed by E'Dawn, Yuto, Woo Seok and Hui, and You Are by Jin Ho, Hui, Hong Seok, Shin Won, Yeo One, Yan An and Kino. [+]

The 10 member super rookies, Pentagon, are the latest boy group to debut out of Cube Entertainment. Pentagon is the result of the survival show, Pentagon Maker. Their self-titled debut album, Pentagon, is a solid mix of genres and showcases the group’s talents well. After some fine tuning, Pentagon will be a group to look out for.

A whimsical feel from playful brass makes up the title track, Gorilla. This is a hip hop song with a persistent beat. Gorilla is a masculine track full of mischief that is perfect for this group of boys.  [full review on]