Hi! Pristin by Pristin 프리스틴
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Size: 124 mm x 178 mm
Photo Booklet: 88 pages
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Mini Album - Prismatic Version A
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Hi! Pristin
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album Description

After the debut of After School eight years ago, all eyes are on the debut of Pledis’ second girl group, Pristin. Their debut album, Hi Pristin, is one that definitely does not disappoint. It’s an album that exudes girl power through cheerful anthems and tranquil, sentimental tunes. What’s most impressive is that the members of Pristin are going down the same path as their labelmates Seventeen, composing and writing all of their songs — truly a feat to beat.

Track 1 – Be The Star
"Be The Star" is a quirky pop song that makes a statement about the music direction Pristin wishes to take. Interesting-sounding facets are weaved throughout to create a peppy and energetic anthem that’s sure to lift your feelings.

Track 2 – Wee Woo
I expected more from the title track. Starting off with playful guitar riffs, it sounds promising. However, as the song transitions into the chorus, I felt like the chorus and verses should have belonged to different songs. Despite this shortcoming, this is a cute and frisky ditty that will probably grow on me after some time. In fact, “Wee Woo” is probably a phrase that will continuously ring in your head after listening to it.

Track 3 – Black Widow
“Black Widow” shows a different side of Pristin — one of mystery and boldness. Destroying the image of a cute girl group, Black Widow is an effortlessly fierce number. The fluctuations in the rhythm of this energetic song is one that will keep you marvelling. “Black Widow” is definitely like its namesake spider, lethal in its attractiveness.

Track 4 – Running
Compared to the uniqueness and wonder of “Black Widow,” “Running” feels plain and unmemorable. It’s just a happy pop ditty with not much substance or a hook to lure listeners in. “Running” feels like a song that’s just there to fill a spot left empty within the album.

Track 5 – Over N Over
“Over N Over” is a harmonious ballad number that calms the mind with light piano chords and, of course, the girls’ mellow voices. It’s the kind of song I would play whenever I feel down.

Track 6 – We
“We,” which happens to be the pre-debut song for Pristin, definitely gives the vibes of cheerful, carefree school days. “We” sounds like something GFriend and Apink would produce, but Pristin gives the song its own unique flavor, with tuneful harmonies in the chorus and delicate vocal delivery.

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