Guilty by Monsta X 몬스타엑스
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Photo Booklet: Guilty-92 pages / Innocent-84 pages 
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Guilty - Mini Album Vol. 4 - The Clan 2.5 Part. 2
EP / Mini Album / Digital
Guilty Ver.
Innocent Version

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Album Description

Written by Jara Rowe on Fancurve

The Clan, Part 2 Guilty is Monsta X‘s fourth EP. This mini album is the follow up to The Clan, Part 1 Lost. A hip hop idol group, Monsta X stays true to their roots while dipping into different genres, including ballad and EDM. The sample of different genres shows that they are a diversified group. Members, and rappers, Jooheon and I.M participated in the creation of lyrics on each track on The Clan, Part 2 Guilty.

Track 1 – Fighter
Join Monsta X in the ring for this intense track about frustration and hurt. Fighter is jam-packed with thrill-fostering horns and forceful melodies. The rock flavor of this track adds a rough sound that makes it more engaging. Monsta X sticks with the fighting theme throughout to prove that they are fighters.

Track 2 – Be Quiet
Contrary to the name, Be Quiet isn’t quiet one bit. Brimming with interesting noises, this track has a club banger feel but is also smooth in parts to chill a listener out. As stylistic as the backtrack is, the group is still able to show their vocal and rapping abilities. Be Quiet will have you coming back for more.

Track 3 – Blind
Grabbing your attention with a dream-like knocking sound, Blind starts off with chill, light vocals. Monsta X gets help from Giriboy, as he produces this smooth track. The style of Blind is very intriguing and easy on the ears. The rapping and vocals in the chorus are superb.

Track 4 – Queen
Queen is a very Monsta X-esque track. It has a bad boy feel similar to some of their first releases. This EDM-inspired track is a frenzy that begins to build during the bridge and smooths out once the chorus starts. The vocals are remarkable and allow each member a time to shine.

Track 5 – 하얀소녀 (White Love)
White Love is a ballad that comes as a surprise. This song allowed for each member to sing, including the rappers. The instrumental is carried along with light guitar strumming that matches well with the emotions that the members pour out. There’s a hip hop feel that comes in close to the end that gives it more of an anthem feel. 

Track 6 – Roller Coaster
Closing the The Clan, Part 2 Guilty album with a retro feel is Roller Coaster. This lighthearted track has video game music elements throughout. The rap style is also old school which adds more to the retro and fun vibe. Roller Coaster is a feel good track that’s very light and bouncy, making it easy to listen to.