The Clan Pt. 1: Lost by Monsta X 몬스타엑스
• EP / Mini Album / Digital
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  Album Stats
•  Album Title: Mini Album Vol.3 THE CLAN 2.5 PART.1: Lost
•  Album Type: EP / Mini Album / Digital
•  Release Date:
Lost Version, Found Version
•  Category: Monsta X
•  Agency: Starship Ent.
•  Duration: 19:54
•  iTunes: iTunes
•  Melon: Melon
•  Total Physical Sales: 91,220
Gaon Chart Peak Ranks
•  Weekly: 3
•  Monthly: 3
  Inside the Box
•  Dimensions: 145 x 195 mm
•  Photobook: 92 pages
•  Photocard: Random 1 out of 8
•  Photocard Types: 1 Group or 7 members
•  Special Card: randomly shipped
•  Polaroid: 100 photo pack
•  Polaroid: Randomly shipped (first press)
•  Poster: Found version only
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Album Description

Written by Jazmine on Fancurve

After receiving the Next Generation Artist award last year at Mnet Music Awards, Monsta X keeps up the momentum with another mini-album, The Clan, Part 1 Lost. Monsta X shows that they can deal with any genre in their third EP. With their hip hop sounds, swag, and suave vocals, these boys surely won’t disappoint you with their comeback effort.

Track 1 – Ex Girl
A flower boys type song kicks off The Clan, Part 1 Lost with an acoustic guitar, a subtle beat and synths. Wheein of Mamamoo adds more flavor to the pre-released song, “Ex Girl,” with her sultry voice that mixes well with Monsta X’s tender vocals. This carefree melody gives you the feeling of being in love.

Track 2 – 걸어 All In
The boys really gave their all with the title track of The Clan, Part 1 Lost, “All In.” The strong beat and the dominant synths made the song ooze with powerful swag. “All In” is like a cross over of BigBang, BTS, and Block B at the same time, thereby making it a precious gem in the album.

Track 3 – 네게만 집착해 Stuck
Just like the title track, “Stuck” also has a pounding beat but the synths are turned down on this one. The song is similar to “All In” with a faster tempo. Together they establish the recognizable Monsta X sound for the album.

Track 4 – 백설탕 White Sugar
“White Sugar” is a smooth mid-tempo easy listening track. The beautiful piano melody evokes the feeling of a coffee shop while the jazzy bass guitar and soft beat added a live band feel. It’s a relaxing number that’s perfect for reading a book or enjoying a ride around the city on a calm and starry evening.

Track 5 – 반칙이야 Unfair Love
After the serenity brought by "White Sugar," "Unfair Love" slowly brings us back into Monsta X’s sauciness. It’s a danceable track you’d jump to when you’re in a party. With familiar synths and beat, this track has a Guitar Hero like electric guitar accompaniment. It’s a fun and energizing all-out pop rock song.

Track 6 – Because of U
Because of U is a lounge-like song with nice jazzy synths. The song gets better with added falsettos particularly during the chorus part. It’s the most differentiated song in the album as Monsta X turns from hip hop rebels to suave and charming men. This is a new sound for Monsta X before but their vocals fit well with the style.