Rush by Monsta X 몬스타엑스
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Photo Booklet: 84 pages
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Mini Album Vol. 2 - Rush
EP / Mini Album / Digital
Hero Repackage

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Monsta X returns with their second mini-album, Rush 신속히.

Monsta X is determined to solidify its place in the new generation of the Kpop industry with fresh music that showcases the unstoppable energy and confidence of youth. The album has a heavy urban influence from hip-hop, trap music, pop rap, contemporary R&B, and more. Rush is sure to be a trend-setter with its lyrical sound, powerful refrains, and impressive delicate production.

The title song "Rush" can be considered the signature song of Monsta X. Hip-hop producer Giriboy created the powerful baseline on this hip-hop track that shows off the members’ masculine style as well as a wittiness unique to Monsta X, creating a dynamic, fun song. In particular, the harmony stands out above the sharp flow led by Jooheon and I.M. Raw hip-hop and romantic R&B styles mix together to build their iconic style.

The whole album is captivating because it contains dynamic arrangements and musical wit to deliver a fast-paced emotional ride. This album boasts top production in music, photos, and music videos, as well as live performances.  An impressive crop of talented musicians were involved in making the album, like Giriboy from Just Music, Taewan, Mad Clown, and Crybaby of Grand Line.  The album’s photography is directed by Jay Ahn of Zenith Division, a content company of KCM Agency. Jay Ahn is also the hottest creative director in the United States, currently responsible for music videos and photos of world-famous pop stars such as the Far East Movement and Omarion. Choreographer Keone Madrid, who has worked with Taeyang and f(x), has captured the dynamic feeling and energetic performance style of Monsta X.


The album Rush 신속히 was released digitally on Sep 7, 2015, and the physical album was released on Sep 9, 2015, in two versions: Official and Secret.

Monsta X promoted well with Rush for about a month. Then after the explosive response from the MV for "Hero" on Oct 9th, the group began to promote that song instead. Starship released a digital repackage called Hero on Oct 22, 2015, but the repackage was not released in a physical edition.