Wooseok  (Pentagon 펜타곤)
Wooseok (Pentagon)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Wooseok

  Hangul 우석

  Position: Rapper

  Position: Maknae

  Tag Category: Pentagon

  Debut Age: 18

  Agency: Cube Ent.


  Active for 2 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Jung Wooseok

  Hangul: 정우석

 Japanese: ウソク


  Age: 20 years old

  Year of the: Tiger

  Star Sign: Aquarius

  Blood Type O

  Gender: Male

  Height: 188 cm or 6'2"

  About Wooseok  우석

Jung Wooseok 정우석 was born on Saturday, January 31, 1998. He was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger.  The three members of Pentagon's maknae line were born close together during January 1998. First Yuto on the 23rd, then Kino four days later on the 27th, and last Wooseok four days after Kino and eight after Yuto on the 31st. All three members share the zodiac star sign Aquarius. As the maknae, Wooseok is younger than oldest member Jinho by 5 years and 9 months.

At a height of 188 cm or 6'2", Wooseok is the tallest member of Pentagon. Second tallest member Yanan is 2 cm shorter at 186 cm or 6'1" tall. The shortest member Jinho is 168 cm or 5'6", making Wooseok taller by a difference of 20 cm or 7 & 7/8 inches.

Three members, E'Dawn, Yuto, and Wooseok, all share the same blood type, O.

He attended Seoul School of Performing Arts along with many other idols. Wooseok is from Gwangju.

Pentagon is a very multilingual group; all ten members can speak a second language in addition to Korean. Wooseok is one of the five members in the group who can speak Japanese along with E'Dawn, Shinwon, Yuto, and Kino.

Wooseok is one of the rappers for Pentagon and he's good at beat boxing. He likes drawing and manhwa, and enjoys foreign music and foreign movies.