Jaeyoon  (SF9 에스에프나인)
Jaeyoon (SF9)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Jaeyoon

  Hangul 재윤

  Position: Vocal

  Tag Category: SF9

  Debut Age: 22

  Agency: FNC Ent.


  Active for 2 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Lee Jaeyoon

  Hangul: 이재윤


  Age: 24 years old

  Year of the: Dog

  Star Sign: Leo

  Blood Type O

  Gender: Male

  Height: 182 cm or 5'11½"

  About Jaeyoon  재윤

Lee Jaeyoon 이재윤 of FNC Entertainment's male idol group SF9 was born on Tuesday, August 9, 1994. He was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog. The three members of SF9 who share the zodiac star sign Leo are Jaeyoon, Dawon, and Rowoon.

He and group mate Zuho are the same height of 182 cm or 5'11½" tall.

The three members of the group who share the blood type O are Jaeyoon, Zuho, and Taeyang.

Jaeyoon is a lead singer for SF9 with a distinctive mellow voice. He likes watching sports but he's really into film appreciation along with Hwiyoung.