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  Active: 6 years 4 months

  Gender: Male

  of Members: 6


  Cross Gene Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Seyoung 세영 Lee Seyoung Vocal 28 180 cm or 5'11" Aquarius Horse O
Casper 캐스퍼 Chu Xiao-xiang Dancer, Rapper 27 176 cm or 5'9½" Pisces Ram O
Shin Shin Wonho Leader, Vocal, Visual 26 185 cm or 6'1" Libra Ram A
Takuya 타쿠야 Terada Takuya Vocal 26 188 cm or 6'2" Pisces Monkey O
Sangmin 상민 Kim Sangmin Dancer, Rapper 26 178 cm or 5'10" Cancer Monkey A
Yongseok 용석 Kim Yongseok Vocal, Maknae 25 176 cm or 5'9½" Capricorn Rooster AB
  About Cross Gene 크로스진  

Cross Gene 크로스진 is a six-member multinational boy group based in South Korea. Signed under Amuse Korea, the group consists of South Korean members Shin, Sangmin, Yongseok, and Seyoung; Chinese member Casper; and Japanese member Takuya. They released their debut mini-album Timeless: Begins in June 2012, and it peaked at number eight on the Gaon weekly album chart.


On May 26, 2012, Amuse Korea Entertainment revealed that they would be debuting a multinational group consisting of South Korean, Japanese and Chinese singers. Among them was Shin Wonho, an actor who appeared in television dramas and advertisements, the latter of which earned him the CF Model Award at the 7th Asian Model Festival Awards. The entertainment company explained the meaning behind the group's name: the group would "cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group." Cross Gene consists of three South Korean members, two Chinese members, and one Japanese member.


On June 7, the group held their first showcase at the Ax Korea concert hall. They released their first mini-album Timeless: Begins on June 8. Ten days later, a limited edition version of the mini-album was released. Timeless: Begins debuted at number nine on the Gaon weekly albums chart and peaked at number eight the following week.

Cross Gene promoted in Japan as well. During a fan meeting in Japan, Cross Gene confirmed they would star on a Japanese TV show in November and planned to make their debut in the Japanese market in December.


On January 16, Amuse Korea Entertainment uploaded two videos on their YouTube channel, showing the photo shoot for their Japan debut and a special interview. The company also posted a news entry on their Japanese homepage to introduce the new member Seyoung. He replaced J.G who left Cross Gene to start a career as a solo artist.

On February 27, the music video to their song "Shooting Star," the title track of their Japanese debut single album, was revealed. They performed the song live for the first time during a promotional event for the drama "Big in Japan." The single album was released on March 13. This was followed by the "Crazy" digital single on the May 29.

On May 31, Cross Gene held their first Japanese concert, Cross U, at Shibuya O-East. The members spoke about J.G leaving and the change in leadership structure.

On August 1, Cross Gene released the digital single "Dirty Pop" followed by the special photo book CD With U. The photo book was a limited release that would not be made available outside of concert venues until late 2014. Cross Gene held two more concerts, With U on August 22 at Shibuya Public Hall and an encore performance on August 31 at Umeda Club Quattro. The Shibuya Public Hall concert would later be released on DVD in the same photo book format as With U.

Cross Gene Planet, the official Japanese fan site, was launched on September 2. During the latter part of the year, Cross Gene released three more digital singles in Japan: "My Love Song" in October, "Page of Love" in November, and "Aurora" on December 1. During November, Cross Gene also started activities in China, performing for ATV at the Mr. Asia contest and holding a fan meeting and performance at the Dragon Centre in Hong Kong. On November 28, Cross Gene received a Rookie Award at the 21st Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards.

Cross Gene's third Japanese live performance, Rock U, was held on December 6 at Umeda Club Quattro and on December 14 and 15 as a part of Amuse Musical Theatre. At the conclusion of Rock U the group hinted at an upcoming project they called Project Z. They also participated in Super Handsome Live 2013 on December 26 and 27 as a supporting act.


In early 2014, Cross Gene traveled to LA to film their first movie, ZEDD.

On April 6, a visual teaser for "Amazing -Bad Lady-" was uploaded onto their official YouTube channel followed by a music video teaser on April 14. Their comeback was initially scheduled for April 21 but was delayed out of respect for the victims and families of the Sewol Ferry accident.

On May 12, a teaser for ZEDD was uploaded to their official YouTube channel.  On May 29, Cross Gene returned to Hong Kong to perform for ATV's 50th Anniversary Special. They also held a second fan meeting and performance at the Dragon Centre in Hong Kong.

Cross Gene had their first Korean comeback on June 9 following a nearly 2-year absence by releasing their "Amazing -Bad Lady-" digital single. However, Chinese member Casper was missing from all related promotions after suffering a hip/lower back injury. On June 26, Cross Gene released a music video for the Korean version of "Shooting Star." On June 28, Cross Gene held their 4th Japanese Live Amazing de SHOW at Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo. Casper also performed. Additionally, the full trailer for ZEDD was uploaded to their official YouTube channel. Another show, Cross Show: ZEDD, was announced for October.

During July and August, Cross Gene participated extensively in the Japanese summer music festivals including opening for Amuse BBQ 2014, performing at Summer Sonic in Osaka, and performing as the opening act for Asia Departure on A-Nation Island. Japanese member Takuya also joined Korean television show "Non Summit" on JTBC as the representative for Japan.

On September 10, Cross Gene released the music video for "Billion Dolla" via their official YouTube channel. The song is the theme track for their movie ZEDD. The music video contains two versions of the song played over two different videos, the first from the movie itself, the second a music video filmed separately to the filming of the movie. ZEDD was released on DVD on September 24.

Cross Gene performed Cross Show: Zedd in Tokyo in October 12 and 13 with a total of four shows over two days. During Cross Show: Zedd, Cross Gene announced a Japanese comeback scheduled for January 14, 2015 with a new single titled "Future." They posted a notice on their Korean fan cafe the following day of an intended Korean comeback for early November 2014.

On November 1, Cross Gene started a second Korean comeback for their second digital single "어려도 남자야" ("I'm Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man") with an image teaser. Their first live performance was at MBC Music's Prime Concert. The single was released on November 10 along with a music video and news of a limited production special album.

Cross Gene's vocalists, Seyoung and Yongseok, were both cast in separate theater performances starting in November. Cross Gene also performed at the Sketchers Sundown Festival in Singapore on November 22 and as part of Super Handsome Live 2014 on December 26, 27 and 28 at Pacifico Yokohama.


Shin was scheduled as a regular for FM Yokohama Aja Aja Friday. Seyoung continued performing for the Korean stage musical Bachelor's Vegetable Store for their Japanese performances.

Cross Gene's second Japanese single "Future" was released on January 14. It ranked 4th on the Oricon Daily Singles chart, peaking at 3rd five days later. It ranked 5th on the Oricon Weekly Singles chart.

They returned with their new song "Play with Me" on April 12 with the mini-album of the same name in Korea.

They returned to Japan with their third single "Love & Peace," the ending song of the anime "Dual Master Revolution," on July 25.  They followed up with another Japanese single, "Shi Tai!" that was packaged with "Love & Peace." Another single, "Miracle," was released October 7 in digital distribution.


On January 21, Cross Gene released their third mini-album, Game, along with a music video for the track "Hey You, Noona."

On April 8, Cross Gene announced their first ever full-length Japanese album. On April 27, member Shin appeared on a Japanese show where he announced the title of the album: Ying Yang. Later, the group tweeted a link to their homepage which included a teaser picture and a track list. The album consisted of 14 songs, including two new songs: the title track and a special song for the fans, "Tegami," which means "letter" in Japanese. The album also included five previously unreleased songs: "Keep on Dancing," "Love Game," "Soba ni Ite," "Dreamer," and "No No No."

Former member

     • J.G 제이지, born as Gao Jianing 高家宁


  • The age gap between the eldest member, Seyoung, and the maknae, Yongseok, is 2 years and 6 months.
  • Casper and Shin were both born in the Year of the Ram.
  • Takuya and Sangmin were both born in the Year of the Monkey.
  • Seyoung, Casper, and Takuya share the blood type O.
  • Shin and Sangmin are both blood type A.
  • Yongseok is the only member with the AB blood type.
  • Sangmin and Yongseok were both born in June, 1 day apart in different years.
  • The height difference between the tallest member, Takuya (187 cm or 6'1½"), and the shortest members, Casper and Yongseok (176 cm or 5'9½"), is 11 cm.
  • Seyoung, Shin, and Yongseok all speak Japanese.
  • Casper and Yongseok both speak Mandarin.