P-Goon  (Topp Dogg 탑독)
P-Goon (Topp Dogg)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: P-Goon

  Hangul 피군

  Position: Leader

  Position: Vocal

  Position: Dancer

  Tag Category: Topp Dogg

  Debut Age: 22

  Agency: Hunus Ent.

  Subunit: Dragon

  Fanclub: Goons


  Active for 4 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Park Sehyuk

  Hangul: 박세혁


  Age: 27 years old

  Year of the: Ram

  Star Sign: Libra

  Blood Type A

  Gender: Male

  Height: 176 cm or 5'9½"

  About P-Goon  피군

P-Goon 피군 is the leader, main vocal, and main dancer of Topp Dogg.

P-Goon was born Park Sehyuk 박세혁 on Friday, October 18, 1991.  He’s Topp Dogg’s oldest member.  He’s older than the maknae, Yano, by 3 years, 8 months, and 9 days.

He was born in the Chinese Year of the Ram.  Like fellow member Yano, he’s a Libra.  P-Goon, Xero, and Yano’s blood type is A.  He’s 176 cm or 5'9½" tall.

He attended Korean Arts High School.  He speaks Japanese.  Like B-Joo and Yano, he’s from Seoul.  His younger sister, Park Sehee, is a trainee at K-Conic Entertainment.

P-Goon is a former trainee at DSP Entertainment and YG Entertainment.  Before debut, he was a backup dancer for Evol.  He was onstage with them for performances of “Get Up from March-April of 2013.  In 2014, he was on “Let’s Go Dream Team” with Sangdo and Hojoon.

He shares a room in the dorm with A-Tom, but their room is so hot, A-Tom usually goes and sleeps on the couch.

He likes playing soccer and working out.  For fun, when Topp Dogg is on a break, he’s a DJ.

In Topp Dogg canon, P-Goon is in the dragon kingdom, along with Sangdo.  According to P-Goon, the dragon members “are exotic and have strong personalities.”  Hansol says that, “Out of Topp Dogg’s 13 members, they have the strongest mental power.”