Jei (Fiestar)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Jei

  Hangul 재이

  Position: Leader

  Position: Vocal

  Position: Visual

  Tag Category: Fiestar

  Debut Age: 23

  Agency: LOEN Ent.


  Active for 6 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Kim Jinhee

  Hangul: 김진희

  Chinese: 金珍熙


  Age: 29 years old

  Year of the: Snake

  Star Sign: Virgo

  Blood Type O

  Gender: Female

  Height: 162 cm or 5'4"

  About Jei  재이

Jei 재이 is the leader, visual, and main vocal of Fiestar.

Jei was born Kim Jinhee 김진희 on Tuesday, September 5, 1989, in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Like fellow member Linzy, she was born in the Chinese Year of the Snake.  Jei, Cao Lu, and Yezi are Virgos.  Jei is 162 cm or 5'4" tall.  She, Cao Lu, and Linzy share the O blood type.

She's studied at Dongduk Women’s University, where she majored in broadcasting.  She also attended Duranno Kindergarten, Wonjong Elementary School, Yeosol Middle School, and Wonjong High School.

She was a cast member on the first season of "The Romantic & Idol," where she paired up with 2PM's Jun.K, JJ Project's JB, and MBLAQ's Mir.  In 2011, she appeared in Infinite's music video for "Paradise,"  in IU's video for "You & I," and Mongshil Sisters' video for "My Love."  

She has a brother.  She likes to walk her dog.  Her favorite color is pink.

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