Shin (Cross Gene)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Shin


  Position: Leader

  Position: Vocal

  Position: Visual

  Tag Category: Cross Gene

  Debut Age: 21

  Agency: Amuse Korea


  Active for 6 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Shin Wonho

  Hangul: 신원호

漢  Hanja: 申園昊

 Japanese: シン


  Age: 26 years old

  Year of the: Ram

  Star Sign: Libra

  Blood Type A

  Gender: Male

  Height: 185 cm or 6'1"

  About Shin  신

Shin Wonho 신원호is the visual and leader of Cross Gene.

Shine was born on Wednesday, October 23, 1991, in Seoul.

Like fellow member Casper, he was born in the Chinese Year of the Ram.  He’s a Libra.  He’s 185 cm or 6'1" tall.  Shin and Sangmin’s blood type is A.

He studied at the Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts .  Shin, Seyoung, and Yongseok all speak Japanese.  He doesn’t have any siblings.

Shin had the role of Kang Gyungjoon in the drama “Big.”  He had the role of Lee Chansol in “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store.”  He was in the Japanese movie Run60 with fellow Cross Gene member Takuya.

He plays the guitar.  His hobby is collecting large sunglasses.

According to Cross Gene lore, Shin has the presh gene.  “He shines himself brightly and twinkle.  Anything he touches would be bleached or colored shiny.”