Gikwang  (Highlight 하이라이트)
Gikwang (Highlight)
  Professional Stats

  Stage Name: Gikwang

  Hangul 기광

  Position: Dancer

  Position: Visual

  Tag Category: Highlight

  Debut Age: 19

  Agency: Around US Ent.

  Fanclub: Aces


  Active for 8 years

  Idol Status Active

  Idol Status Original

  Former Group: Beast

  Personal Stats
  Birth Name: Lee Gikwang

  Hangul: 이기광

漢  Hanja: 李起光


  Age: 28 years old

  Year of the: Horse

  Star Sign: Aries

  Blood Type A

  Gender: Male

  Height: 171 cm or 5'7½"

  About Gikwang  기광

Lee Gikwang 이기광 is the visual and main dancer of Highlight, formerly Beast.

Gikwang was born on Friday, March 30, 1990.

He was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse.  He's an Aries.  His blood type is A, something he has in common with Doojoon and Dongwoon.

He and Yoseob are Highlight's shortest members at 171 cm or 5'7½".  They're shorter than the tallest member, Dongwoon, by 10 cm.

Gikwang is from Naju, South Jeolla Province.  He, Doojoon, and Junhyung have all attended Dongshin University.  He also studied at Seoul Absence of Comprehensive Art School.  He has a younger brother named Hyekwang.

Before debuting in a group, he was a solo singer under the stage name AJ.  He started off as a trainee at JYP.  He was in A Pink's music video for "I Don't Know" and Ailee's music video for "Heaven."    In 2009 ,he opened up for Lady Gaga at her Korean showcase  He collaborated with Infinite's Hoya, Teen Top's L.Joe, MBLAQ's Joon, and 2AM's Jinwoon for a special stage sub-unit called Dynamic Black.

Gikwang is allergic to seafood.  He used to wear glasses until he got lasik surgery.  He doesn't smoke or drink alcohol because he prioritizes his physical health.