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  SHINee Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Onew 온유 Lee Jinki Leader, Vocal 28 178 cm or 5'10" Sagittarius Snake O
Jonghyun 종현 Kim Jonghyun Vocal 28 174 cm or 5'8½" Aries Horse AB
Key Kim Kibum Dancer, Rapper 27 181 cm or 5'11½" Libra Ram B
Minho 민호 Choi Minho Rapper, Visual 26 184 cm or 6'½" Sagittarius Ram B
Taemin 태민 Lee Taemin Vocal, Dancer, Maknae 25 179 cm or 5'10½" Cancer Rooster B
  About SHINee 샤이니  

SHINee 샤이니 is a male idol group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of five members: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin.

Shinee was introduced as a contemporary R&B boy group with the goal to be trendsetters in all areas of music, fashion, dance, etc. They debuted in May, 2008, with their first EP, Replay, on SBS's "Inkigayo" with their single "Replay." The group gained attention for starting a fashion trend among students, which the media dubbed the "Shinee Trend." In August, 2008, the group released their first Korean studio album, The Shinee World, which won the Newcomer Album of the Year at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards.

Shinee further consolidated their popularity on the South Korean music scene with follow-up singles "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer." "Ring Ding Dong" charted on top of several Korean music charts and gained popularity all over Asia. "Lucifer" was nominated for the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2010 for its outstanding choreography. In 2012, the group released Sherlock, the fifth best-selling album of the year with over 180,000 copies sold. The group has also been included in the Forbes list of Korea Power Celebrity multiple times, once in 2014 and again in 2016.

In mid-2011, Shinee signed with EMI Records Japan to venture into the Japanese music scene. The Japanese version of their single "Replay" sold over 100,000 copies, the highest number of sales for a Japanese debut single recorded by Oricon for a South Korean group at the time. It was followed by their first Japanese studio album, The First, on December 7, 2011; both were certified gold by RIAJ for selling over 100,000 copies. In 2011, the group also held their Japan Debut Premium Reception at Abbey Road Studios in London, making them the first Asian artists to perform there. Two years later they released their second Japanese album Boys Meet U, followed by I'm Your Boy in 2014, D×D×D in 2016, and FIVE in 2017.

Shinee was awarded the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards three times in a row for their dance performances to "Sherlock," "Dream Girl," and "View." Their signature musical style is contemporary R&B, but the group is known for their experimental sound, incorporating various genres including funk rock, hip-hop, and EDM.


Prior to the group's debut, their label, SM Entertainment, introduced an upcoming contemporary R&B boy group with the goal to be trendsetters in all areas of music, fashion and dance. The group's name, Shinee, is a combination of "shine" meaning "light," and the suffix "ee," with the final meaning "one who receives the light." On May 22, 2008, the group's first EP, Replay, was released. It debuted at number ten on the music charts and peaked at number eight, selling 17,957 copies in the first half of 2008. In May 2008, Shinee had their first stage performance on SBS's "Inkigayo" with their single "Replay."

In June of 2008, the group won their first award, Rookie of the Month, at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards. They went on to win the "Hot New Star" award at the Mnet 20's Choice Awards 2008 in August, 2008. In the same month, Shinee subsequently released their first full-length album, The Shinee World, which debuted at number three, selling 30,000 copies. The track "Love Like Oxygen" is a cover of "Show the World" by Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, originally written by the Danish songwriting and production team of Thomas Troelsen, Remee, and Lucas Secon. On September 18, 2008, the song won first place on "M Countdown," the group's first win on a music show since debut.

Shinee participated in the 5th Asia Song Festival, where they received the "Best New Artist" award along with Japanese girl group Berryz Kobo. The group attended the 2008 Style Icon Awards on October 30, 2008, where they received the "Best Style Icon Award." On the same day, a repackaged version of The Shinee World, titled A.Mi.Go, was released, with three new songs: "Forever or Never," a remix of "Love Should Go On," and the title track "Amigo." "A.Mi.Go" is a shortened version of the Korean phrase "Areumdaun Minyeoreul Joahamyeon Gosaenghanda," which can be translated to, "The heart aches when you fall in love with a beauty."

In November, 2008, Shinee won the Best New Male Group award at the 10th annual Mnet Asian Music Awards, beating fellow newcomers U-KISS, 2PM, 2AM, and Mighty Mouth. They also won the award for Newcomer Album of the Year at the 23rd Annual Golden Disk Awards.


In early February of 2009, Shinee won the Best Newcomer award along with Davichi and Mighty Mouth at the 18th Seoul Music Awards. Shinee's second extended play, Romeo, was released on May 25. Its lead single, "Juliette," was released earlier, on May 18. The song is an instrumental remake of Corbin Bleu's "Deal with It." Shinee had their first stage performance for the song on KBS's "Music Bank" in June, 2009, where the group also received the award for the first place.

Shinee released their third extended play, 2009, Year Of Us, on October 19, 2009. The lead single, "Ring Ding Dong," was released digitally on October 14 and charted at the top of several Korean music charts. In early December of 2009, the group was awarded with the Popularity award along with Super Junior at the 24th Golden Disk Awards.

On July 19, 2010, Shinee released their second full-length studio album, Lucifer, which topped various physical and digital sales charts in South Korea. The songs on the album "were more carefully selected than ever," and the album is said to "[give] listeners a great chance to experience the diverse musical characters and more mature vocal skills of the members." The group made their comeback on July 23, 2010, at KBS' "Music Bank." For its outstanding choreography, "Lucifer" was nominated for the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Lucifer became the 6th best-selling album of 2010 in South Korea, selling over 120,000 copies.

In October, 2010, the album was re-released under the title Hello. Amid their promotional activities for the second studio album, the group also participated in the SMTown Live '10 World Tour on August 21, 2010. On December 26, 2010, Shinee commenced their first concert tour, Shinee World, at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. The event was attended by approximately 24,000 people.


On January 1, 2011, Shinee performed at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul as a part of their tour, Shinee World, followed by shows in Taipei, Nanjing, Singapore, Nagoya, and Osaka throughout 2011. On January 25 and 26, 2011, the group participated in the Japan leg of SMTown Live '10 World Tour alongside their fellow label mates at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, which then continued on to two concerts in Paris at Zenith de Paris, three concerts in Tokyo at Tokyo Dome and at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

On June 22, 2011, the group made their debut in Japan with the Japanese version of "Replay," which sold more than 91,000 copies in the first week. It was subsequently certified gold by RIAJ for selling over 100,000 copies. It hit the highest number of sales recorded by Oricon for a South Korean group debut at the time. On June 19, Shinee made history by becoming the first Asian artists to perform at Abbey Road Studios in London, holding their Japan Debut Premium Reception there.

In July 22, 2011, Shinee started their Japan Debut Premium Reception Tour. They performed several concerts in various cities across Japan including Fukuoka on July 22, Kobe on July 23, Tokyo on July 27 and 28, Sapporo on August 8, and Nagoya on August 11, 2011. On August 28 and October 12, 2011, two Japanese remakes, "Juliette" and "Lucifer," were released, respectively. The group was invited to be the opening act of The 6th London Korean Film Festival, which took place at Odeon West End Theater on November 3, 2011. They also held an hour-long gala concert, Shinee in London, the tickets for which sold out within a minute. This marked the first time that any Korean artist had held an independent concert in London.

The group's first Japanese studio album, The First, was released in December of 2011. It featured five new songs in addition to Japanese remakes of seven previously released Korean songs. The regular version of the album also featured the theme song of the drama "Strangers 6," entitled "Stranger," as a bonus. The album was certified gold by RIAJ for selling over 100,000 copies. On December 8, Taemin, Onew, and Key debuted as writers and released a travelogue, "Children of the Sun," containing stories from their trip to Barcelona, Spain. The members shot the photos and wrote the commentaries themselves. Shinee also participated in the album 2011 Winter SMTown - The Warmest Gift with a cover of the song "Last Christmas." The compilation album by SM artists was released on December 13, 2011.

Shinee held a commemorative concert in honor of the successful release of their first Japanese album, The First, at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A on December 24, 2011. The live concert took place three times in order to accommodate the 15,000 fans who won a lottery to attend. They performed a total of six songs including their Japanese debut singles, "Replay" and "Lucifer," and "To Your Heart." On December 28, 2011, Tower Records Japan announced that Shinee had won the Artist of the Year award at the K-Pop Lovers! Awards 2011.


Shinee's fourth Korean mini-album, Sherlock, was released digitally on March 19 and physically on March 21. Sherlock became the fifth best-selling album of the year in South Korea with over 180,000 copies sold. On March 26, 2012, Shinee, alongside their label mates, became stockholders of S.M. Entertainment. They received 340 shares each (value of around $13,600 for each member).

The Japanese remake of "Sherlock" was released in Japan on May 16. The group started their first Japan nationwide concert tour, Shinee World 2012, on April 25, 2012. The tour had a total of 20 concerts in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, and Hiroshima. Their tour set a record for the most people in attendance for a Korean act's first Japan tour with a total of 200,000 people. On May 20, 2012, Shinee participated in the SMTown Live World Tour III alongside their label mates at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Shinee held their second solo concert, Shinee World II, beginning in Seoul on July 21 and 22 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Shinee released an original Japanese single, "Dazzling Girl," on October 10, 2012. The single sold 97,111 copies in its first week and was chosen to be the theme song for the Japanese TV series "Sukkiri." On November 19, 2012, along with actor Kim Soohyun, Shinee won the Ministry of Culture Award at South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Creative Content Agency's (KOCCA) annual award show, Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award at Seoul Olympic Hall. Shinee attended the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards in November of 2012 in Hong Kong, winning Best Dance Performance - Male Group for their latest Korean single, "Sherlock (Clue + Note)."

Shinee released their first Japanese ballad single, "1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite...," and the concert video album for their Shinee World 2012 arena tour on December 12, 2012.


On January 15, 2013, Shinee attended the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur at Sepang International Circuit. They received the Popularity Award for the third time, having previously won the same title in 2009 and 2010, and received the Disk Bonsang for "Sherlock," their second after winning for "Lucifer" in 2010.

On February 3, MBC announced that Shinee would be starring in their own Lunar New Year special entitled "Shinee's Wonderful Day" (also known as "Shinee's One Fine Day"), which began airing on February 10. The special featured the Shinee members visiting various countries of their choice without the assistance of their management staff and with the production crew instructed to not interfere. For the special, Onew visited Thailand, Jonghyun visited Japan, Key and Minho visited England, and Taemin visited Switzerland.

Shinee's third Korean album consisted of two versions. The first part, Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You, was released on February 19, and the second part, Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me, was released on April 29. The title track of part one, "Dream Girl," is an acid electro funk track produced by Shin Hyuk and Joombas Music Factory, while the title track of part two, "Why So Serious?", is a funk rock dance track written and produced by Kenzie. A compilation album was subsequently released, The Misconceptions of Us, with two new songs, "Selene 6.23" and "Better Off."

To promote tourism business in Korea, Shinee was chosen as honorary ambassadors for Seoul's Gangnam district in February 2014. One year later, in February 2015, the group became ambassadors of Ministry of Personnel Management to promote Korean music, dance and fashion. Their tasks as ambassadors included performing at events around the world to encourage cultural exchanges between nations.

On March 13, Shinee released the Japanese single "Fire." On June 26, the group released their second Japanese album, Boys Meet U, and on August 21 a single with the same name was released including the Japanese version of "Dream Girl." On June 28, 2013, Shinee started their second Japan nationwide concert tour, Shinee World 2013, in Saitama.

In November of 2013, Shinee won Artist of the Year at the MelOn Music Awards. On September 29, S.M. Entertainment announced that Shinee's fifth EP, Everybody, would be released on October 14. On November 6, 2013, S.M. Entertainment announced its week-long music festival called SMTown Week. Shinee's concert, titled The Wizard, opened the event on December 21 at the Kintex in Ilsan.


On January 29, 2014, Shinee held their 3rd Korean solo concert in March named Shinee World III, with more shows added in Latin America. On February 24, the mayor of Gangnam District, Shin Yeonhee, announced that Shinee had been appointed honorary ambassadors of the district. On April 2, Shinee released a live concert album from their second solo concert.

On June 25, Universal Music Japan released Shinee's tenth Japanese single "Lucky Star" as their first release under EMI Records. On September 24, Universal Music Japan released the group's third Japanese album, I'm Your Boy, preceded by the singles "Boys Meet U," "3 2 1," and "Lucky Star." From September till December 2014, Shinee embarked on their third tour of Japan. It started off at Chiba on September 28, with 30 scheduled performances around the country. The tour concluded on December 14, 2014, in Kobe, with an encore concert on March 14 and 15, 2015 at the Tokyo Dome.

On December 11, 2014, the group released their third live concert album with footage from Shinee World III held in Olympic Gymnastics Arena on March 8-9. The album contained two CDs with a total of 33 tracks. S.M. Entertainment stated on December 15 that Shinee had sold out the World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan, with 16,000 fans attending between December 13 and 14. With that, Shinee successfully completed their 20-city, 30-concert tour which had begun at the Ichihara City Hall in Chiba, gathering 200,000 audience members overall. Furthermore, Shinee held a solo concert in Tokyo Dome, the first time since their Japanese debut, on March 14 and 15, 2015. The Tokyo Dome concert was the finale and encore for their Japanese tour. Forbes listed Shinee on its Korea Power Celebrity list in 2014.


On February 17, Shinee were the only Korean act invited to China’s Lunar New Year program, "Chun Jie Wan Hui."

Shinee held a three-day long concert, Shinee World IV, at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium between May 15 and 17, where the group premiered the new songs off of their upcoming album.

Their fourth studio album, Odd, was released on May 18; the following day the music video to "View" was released. "View" was written and produced by LDN Noise and Jonghyun. Odd debuted at 9 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart as well as number one on Billboard's World Albums chart and sold over 2,000 copies in the US. The repackaged album, Married to the Music, was released on August 3, 2015, with 4 additional songs. Gaon's year-end 2015 sales charts showed that Shinee was one of only five male groups to make it into the digital chart and one of only four male groups to make it into the top 100 of the download charts and streaming charts.

They released their 11th and 12th Japanese singles, "Sing Your Song" and "DxDxD," on October 25, 2015, and December 13, 2015, respectively, the latter being the lead single for their fourth Japanese album of the same name. On January 1, 2016, Shinee released their fourth full-length Japanese album, D×D×D, which included the group's previously released singles and the Japanese version of "View." The album topped the Oricon charts for 2 consecutive weeks.

To promote the album, they launched their fourth nationwide Japanese stadium tour, Shinee World 2016, starting in Fukuoka's Marine Messe on January 30, 2016, and ending at the Tokyo Dome on May 19, 2016, with a total of 20 concerts in 9 cities. S.M. Entertainment estimated that the concert could have gathered up to 350,000 people, which would bring the cumulative total of visitors to all of Shinee's Japanese tours to 1.12 million. The tour was their second time headlining in the Tokyo Dome (May 18-19) and first time in the Kyocera Dome (May 14-15). They released their 13th Japanese single, "Kimi no Sei de," on May 18, which sold over 69,000 album copies in Japan.

In February 2016, Forbes put Shinee on their top forty Korea Power Celebrity list again. In March, Shinee won Asia's Best Group Award at the 23rd DongFang Music Awards in Shanghai, one of the biggest annual award ceremonies in China. The group was the only Kpop act invited to attend and perform at the ceremony. In the first half of 2016, Shinee ranked third in Japan for their concert audience numbers with approximately 364,000 people from 20 concerts.

On September 4, 2016, Shinee held their fifth solo concert titled Shinee World V in Seoul. Four of the 34 songs performed were from the group's new album, which was released on October 5, 2016, under the title 1 of 1. The album spins a hyper-modernized twist on the retro genre and stretches back to the 1980-1990 period. The repackaged version titled 1 and 1 was released on November 15, 2016, with 5 new songs. On December 21, 2016, Shinee released their 14th Japanese single, "Winter Wonderland," which debuted at number two on the Oricon Charts and sold over 80,000 album copies in one week.


Despite the change of concepts over the years, Shinee's colorful and unique image always remained the main part of the group's fashion style. With their later releases, the group aimed for a more mature image while maintaining their "boyish charm."

Shinee is known for their fashion style, initially created by designer Ha Sangbeg 하상백, which features high-top sneakers, skinny jeans, and colorful sweaters. Their style has created a fashion trend among students, which the media dubbed the "Shinee Trend." The groups "boyish charm" was an important factor in Shinee gaining fans. With the release of 2009, Year of Us, Shinee's style became more mature while still retaining their unique image.

Instead of working with famous artists and photographers, S.M. Entertainment's Visual and Art Directing department usually works with up-and-coming talents with new ideas for Shinee's concepts. When Shinee debuted in 2008 with "Replay," it was not only their music which gained attention but also their colorful style, but even four years later, in 2012, Shinee maintained their colorful concept for Sherlock. Their designer, Ha Sangbeg, stated in an interview with the Korean Times: "Much has evolved over the years, since I change their styles to reflect their music. The feel from their debut single still exists, mixing the overground with the underground, haute couture with street fashion ... but it is very modern, like Shinee."

Vocals and Dance

At S.M. Entertainment's showcase in New York in October 2011, Jon Caramanica of the New York Times summarized Shinee as "the most ambitious" of the evening and also complimented the group's strong vocal performance. Furthermore, he stated, "Their music, especially 'Replay,' 'Ring Ding Dong' and 'Juliette,' felt the riskiest, even if it only slightly tweaked that polyglot Pop formula."

Kim Joohyun of Beff Report considers Shinee’s greatest strength the dismantling of the boundaries between the role of main vocal and subvocal. He positively emphasized the harmony between the two main vocals, Onew and Jonghyun, saying they sing with an aesthetic of "contrast," meaning they can't be separated from each other; on the contrary, they actually suit each other when brought together. He also praised the vocal development of Taemin, the youngest member in the group.

Jakob Dorof of the monthly British style magazine Dazed described Shinee with the words "technicolor visuals," "choreography as coordinated as ballet," and "wildly adventurous hit songs," stating that they are a group that embodies the harmony of these qualities better than anyone else. Tamar Herman of Paste Magazine described Shinee as one of Kpop's most popular dance groups, "with cutting edge dance moves that are just as technically creative" as their songs.

Shinee has worked with top choreographers such as Rino Nakasone, who has choreographed Shinee's early songs like "Replay" and "Love Like Oxygen" (2008), "Juliette" (2009), and the group's hit single "Lucifer" (2010), which was nominated for the Best Dance Performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2010. Misha Gabriel choreographed "Amigo" (2008) and also "Ring Ding Dong" (2009).

Tony Testa worked on Shinee's later hit songs like "Sherlock" (2012) and "Dream Girl" (2013), which are characterized by a unique and distinctive style. Ian Eastwood worked on "View" (2015), breaking away from the group's usual powerful and precise choreography and working instead with a groove style that showcases Shinee's teamwork. All three songs were awarded with the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Musical style and themes

"I’ve learned there are quite a few things we can do as a group that wouldn’t be possible if I were alone. So when we work together, we try more challenging things with everything. Even if we question whether we can pull it off, we always try. As SHINee, we have to keep striving and do things that are a bit more sophisticated and detailed"

–Jonghyun discussing Shinee's musical style

The predominant musical genre of the group is contemporary R&B The group's early hits like "Replay" and "Lucifer" veered toward R&B and dance pop, while singles such as "Get Down" and "Jo Jo" explored other musical styles like hip-hop and dance. Shinee's third album is significantly influenced by funk rock, electronic music, and rock. Billboard columnist Jeff Benjamin compared Shinee's songs like "Punch Drunk Love" and "Aside" to the sounds of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, while tracks like "Beautiful" and "Runaway" combine "unique electronic production elements over sugary boy band harmonies to create year-round pop music."

Shinee as a group is known for experimental sound and various genres with every new release. In the group's fifth extended play, Everybody, the title song is classified under the complextro genre. Jakob Dorof of Tiny Mix Tapes stated that, "Everybody is proof positive that, even in a culture industry designed to minimize the role of real musicianship, talent will find its way to the top." He also remarked that "Close the Door" highlights the experimental and versatile nature of Shinee's music which frequently charts into unfamiliar territories.

With the release of their fourth Korean album, Odd, Shinee return to their old sound while experimenting with new genres like deep house. The album featured an array of styles including the two singles, the electro-house "View" and Rocky Horror-inspired funk track "Married to the Music." Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum of MTV IGGY praised "View," describing it as a great, laid back summer jam even though "the song fools us into thinking it's an uptempo ballad before reaching its techno peak at the chorus."

Jeff Benjamin praised "Odd Eye," written and composed by member Jonghyun; Benjamin described the group's "return to the R&B side of Shinee with feathery vocals, tight harmonies and member Onew's falsetto howls acting a centerpiece to this grooving opener" but he adds that, "despite initially debuting with a R&B sound, Shinee is arguably most exciting when experimenting."


Early in their career, Shinee endorsed several brands, such as the cosmetic brand Nana's B and the sports brand Reebok. Later, they endorsed the clothing brand Maypole as well as the popular Korean cosmetic brands Etude House and The Saem. In 2012, Etude House’s Lash Pump 3-Step Volume-Cara, a PC-based and mobile micro-site featuring "doll eyelashes" main model Sandara Park and Shinee (appearing as puppets) was awarded first place for the Mobile Marketing and Product Promotions category at the 9th Web Award Korea. Shinee was also part of the popular Korean comic "The Blade of the Phantom Master" and new webtoon series "ENT."

Shinee endorsed the sports brand Skechers and collaborated with Naver and Skechers for t-shirts and caps designed by the group members. "Shinee's Sparking Water," a simple carbonated bottled water sold by eMart, the supermarket chain business of Shinsegae, boasted a combined sales of 67 million won over a one-month period.


On August 9, 2011, Shinee and their label mates f(x) and Girls' Generation took part in an effort to help African children. The groups were joined by the United Nation's Secretary-General, Ban Kimoon, in the "Help African Children" project co-organized by the Korean Red Cross Society and the Korean UNICEF committee. In 2016, Shinee's Minho was part of UNICEF's #IMAGINE campaign which was first introduced in November of 2014, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake explained the project compels viewers to "imagine a better world for children" and make that vision a reality.


  • The age gap between the eldest member, Onew, and the maknae, Taemin, is 3 years, 7 months, and 4 days.
  • Onew and Minho were both born in December under the zodiac sign Sagitarrius.  They were born 5 days apart in different years, Onew on the 14th and Minho on the 9th.
  • Key and Minho were both born in the Year of the Ram.
  • Key, Minho, and Taemin share the blood type B.
  • At 174 or 5'8½", Jonghyun is the shortest member, 10 cm shorter than the tallest.
  • At 184 or 6'½", Minho is the tallest member, 10 cm taller than the shortest.
  • Jonghyun and Taemin are both from Seoul.
  • Onew, Key, and Taemin all speak Mandarin.
  • Key and Taemin both speak Japanese.
  • Key is the only member fluent in English.

Fandom Color

  Pearl Aqua Green




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