Pentagon 펜타곤 Group Info

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  Fanclub: Universe

  Fan Color: UniNavy

  Greeting: Tentastic! Hello, we are Pentagon! - Tentastic! 녕하세요, 펜타곤 입니다!


  Active: 3 years

  Gender: Male

  of Members: 10


  Pentagon Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Jinho 진호 Jo Jinho Vocal 27 180 cm or 5'11" Aries Monkey A
Hui 후이 Lee Heotaek Leader, Vocal 26 173 cm or 5'8" Virgo Rooster A
Hongseok 홍석 Yang Hongseok Vocal 25 181 cm or 5'11½" Aries Dog A
E’Dawn 이던 Kim Hyojong Dancer, Rapper 25 174 cm or 5'8½" Gemini Dog O
Shinwon 신원 Ko Shinwon Visual 23 184 cm or 6'½" Sagittarius Pig A
Yeo One 여원 Yeo Changgu Vocal 23 179 cm or 5'10½" Aries Rat B
Yanan 옌안 Yan An Visual 22 186 cm or 6'1" Scorpio Rat A
Yuto 유토 Adachi Yuto Rapper 21 182 cm or 5'11½" Aquarius Ox O
Kino 키노 Kang Hyunggu Dancer 21 177 cm or 5'9½" Aquarius Ox B
Wooseok 우석 Jung Wooseok Rapper, Maknae 21 188 cm or 6'2" Aquarius Tiger O
  About Pentagon 펜타곤  

Pentagon 펜타곤 is a male idol group from Cube Entertainment. Some of Pentagon’s label mate sunbaes are Hyuna of 4minute, BtoB, and CLC. They are Cube’s largest idol group and they debuted five years after the label's last male idol group, BtoB.

Official Greeting 인사

Tentastic! Hello, we are Pentagon!
Tentastic! 녕하세요, 펜타곤 입니다!

Pentagon Maker

The group’s 10 members were introduced through the Mnet survival reality show "Pentagon Maker."

"Pentagon Maker" aired online through Mnet's digital content brand, M2, and showcased the members challenging five aspects: performance, dance, teamwork, talent, and mind. The boys were required to complete a "Pentagon Graph" in order to be accepted as a member of Pentagon. By the final episode, seven members were confirmed as official members of the group: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok.

On July 9, 2016, Pentagon released the collaboration songs "Young" (produced by Dok2) and "Find Me" (produced by Tiger JK). A music video for "Young" featuring members Hui, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok was also released.


The group was originally scheduled to host their debut concert on July 23, 2016, at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, but Cube Entertainment delayed the concert and debut date of the group because of issues with the top executives at the company.

On September 30, 2016, when Cube announced Pentagon’s debut date of October 10, they also announced that the group would be debuting with 10 members, including three members eliminated from "Pentagon Maker": E'Dawn, Shinwon, and Yanan. Pentagon was able to hold their showcase and debut successfully on the planned October date.

Pentagon released their first mini-album, Pentagon, on October 10. Pentagon is composed of 7 tracks, including the lead single "Gorilla." The group also held its debut showcase on the same day.

Five Senses

Five Senses was released on December 7, 2016.  The lead track is "Can You Feel It" 감이 오지.

According to Melon, "Can You Feel It" is a mid-tempo song with a hip-hop style with a serious lyrical tone. The song is meant to appeal to the senses with an addictive chorus, strong bass, guitar riffs, and powerful brass sound.

Five Senses, the second mini-album, is full of compelling songs to stimulate the audience’s senses with its lavish visual appeal that clearly captures Pentagon’s style.


  • No two members in Pentagon are the same height.
  • The height difference between the tallest member Wooseok and shortest member Jinho is 20 cm or 7 7/8 inches.
  • The age gap between the oldest member Jinho and maknae Wooseok is 5 years, 9 months.
  • The members of Pentagon who share the zodiac star sign Aquarius are Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok.
  • Five members (Jinho , Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, and Yanan) all share the same blood type A.
  • Three members (E'Dawn, Yuto, and Wooseok) all share the same blood type O.
  • Yeo One and Kino are both blood type B.

Fandom Color


Color Name: UniNavy

Hex/HTML: #041E42
RGB: 4 30 66