SF9 에스에프나인 Group Info

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  Active: 3 years 3 months

  Gender: Male

  of Members: 9


  SF9 Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Inseong 인성 Kim Inseong Vocal 26 184 cm or 6'½" Cancer Rooster A
Youngbin 영빈 Kim Youngbin Leader 26 178 cm or 5'10" Sagittarius Rooster AB
Jaeyoon 재윤 Lee Jaeyoon Vocal 25 182 cm or 5'11½" Leo Dog O
Dawon 다원 Lee Sanghyuk Vocal 24 179 cm or 5'10½" Leo Pig A
Zuho 주호 Baek Juho Rapper 23 182 cm or 5'11½" Cancer Rat O
Rowoon 로운 Kim Seokwoo Vocal, Visual 23 189 cm or 6'2½" Leo Rat B
Taeyang 태양 Yoo Taeyang Dancer 22 180 cm or 5'11" Pisces Ox O
Hwiyoung 휘영 Kim Youngkyun Rapper 20 177 cm or 5'9½" Taurus Hare B
Chani 찬희 Kang Chanhee Dancer, Maknae 20 174 cm or 5'8½" Capricorn Hare A
  About SF9 에스에프나인  

SF9 에스에프나인 is a male group under FNC Entertainment. They're the company's first dance-focused male idol group. SF9’s label sunbaes are F.T. Island, CNBLUE, AOA, and N.Flying.

The name SF9 stands for “Sensation Feeling 9” which is meant to convey that the group’s impressive skill level and emotional lyrics will surprise the public, causing a sensation.  The Korean word for nine 구 also sounds like the Chinese character 久, which means "long time" when used as a noun. This represents the group’s desire to last a long time.

Neoz School

The first buzz about the group started with photos taken at Incheon International Airport when they were headed to Japan to perform at FNC Kingdom 2015 on December 11. The group had 11 members at that time, including Jinkyu, who was also a Boys24 contestant, and FNC trainee Alex Bell. The next day on the 12th, teasers were released of nine members designated as the first batch of trainees under the Neoz School trainee system.

"Neoz School" was broadcast as a web series where the 9 members competed against each other to determine who would debut. Despite being pitted against each other, the members worked towards debut as a unit.

“You can see it as a competitive system, but we try not to look at it that way. We do hold onto that little hope that all 9 of us can do well, and all 9 of us can debut together.” -Chani

On May 3, on their official Neoz School homepage, FNC announced the latest class of trainees: Kim Chulmin, Kim Hwan, Seo Dongsung, and Oh Seungsuk. These four trainees would form Neoz Band, playing instruments with a musical style similar to FT Island, CNBlue, and N.Flying. The quartet is now known as Honeyst.

With the addition of new schoolmates, the first nine were now considered Neoz Dance and prepared to debut as a dance-heavy idol group.

"Dance or Band"

In May of 2016, FNC Entertainment launched a survival show on Mnet called "d.o.b. (dance or band)," featuring trainees separated into two teams, Neoz Dance and Neoz Band. The winning group from the show would debut first. The dance team won the competition with their first track "K.O." and debuted later that year as SF9.

◉ Watch "d.o.b. (dance or band)" on V Live http://www.vlive.tv/video/8250

On August 27, they held their first pre-debut fan meeting, Surprise Festival 9, where they met with 99 fans. They later held their second fan meeting, Surprise Festival 9 Autumn Sports Day, where they met with 333 fans on September 25.


SF9’s debut single album Feeling Sensation with lead single "Fanfare" was released on October 5, 2016. The album debuted at 8th place and peaked at 6th place on the Gaon Album Chart. They made their official stage debut on October 6, 2016, on "M Countdown."

On January 12, 2017, in celebration of their 100th day anniversary, they announced through livestream that their fans will be called "Fantasy."


  • The age gap between the oldest member, Inseong, and the maknae, Chani, is 6 years, 6 months, and 5 days.
  • Inseong, Dawon, and Zuho have July birthdays.
  • Jaeyoon and Rowoon have August birthdays.
  • Inseong and Chani were born in the Year of the Rooster.
  • Inseong and Zuho are Cancers
  • Jaeyoon, Dawon, and Rowoon are Leos.
  • Rowoon and Hwiyoung’s blood type is B.
  • Inseong, Dawon, and Chani’s blood type is A.
  • Jaeyoon, Zuho, and Taeyang’s blood type is O.
  • Youngbin is the only member whose blood type is AB.
  • Jaeyoon and Zuho are both 182 cm or 5'11½" tall.
  • The height difference between the tallest member, Rowoon (189 cm or 6'2½"), and the shortest member, Chani (174 cm or 5'8½"), is 15 cm.