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  Active: 3 years 4 months

  Gender: Male

  of Members: 5


  AxisB Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Junghoon 정훈 Choi Junghoon Leader, Vocal 29 175 cm or 5'9" Cancer Horse A
Daeyoung 대영 Choi Daeyoung Vocal, Dancer 29 175 cm or 5'9" Cancer Horse O
Juno 준호 Moon Junho Rapper 28 178 cm or 5'10" Gemini Ram B
Doah 도아 Kim Doah Sub-vocal 27 181 cm or 5'11½" Gemini Monkey B
Honey 허니 Oh Youngheon Vocal, Maknae 24 181 cm or 5'11½" Gemini Pig O
  About AxisB 아시즈비  

AxisB 아시즈비 is a male idol group under the agency AxB Entertainment. At present, they seem to be the only group the agency represents. AxB Entertainment may be the new name of KN Media, the agency of a disbanded group called FameUS that several members of AxisB were a part of.

Group Name

According to the agency, the group name is a combination of the words Axis (center 중심) and B (boys) to show their determination to become a boy group at the heart of the music industry.

It’s also a clever play on the agency’s name, AxB. Since both the group and the agency aren’t well known, the similarity of names will help promotions increase brand recognition for both artist and agency at the same time.


FameUS was a little-known idol group under KN Media that debuted on September 4th, 2014. The group members were Kudo, Hansaem, Junghoon, Daeyoung, Doah, and Hanyoung. They released two digital singles, “Crazy 미쳐가” and “The Only Stupid One 하나뿐인 바보.”

On July 17, 2016, KN Media announced a hiatus for FameUS, promising that the members would start personal and unit group activities soon. But on July 19, Doah posted an update on his Instagram with an apology to fans for the sudden announcement and said that along with two other FameUS members, Junghoon and Daeyoung, he would start activities in a new group called AxisB.

KN Media confirmed this announcement with an additional notice on July 21 regarding the activities of AxisB and the remaining members not a part of AxisB, Kudo and Hanyoung. While three members are actively promoting with AxisB, Kudo decided to focus on getting treatment for his injured shoulder and Hanyoung decided to pursue a solo career in Japan.


From September 3 to November 1, 2016, AxisB had their first round of shows in Japan at Showbox in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo, Japan. While still promoting in Japan, AxisB released a Korean debut song as a digital single called “Curious 묘해.” The group did another set of shows in Japan in December and started their First Philippine Promotional Tour, scheduled for February 14 to March 5, 2017. As of March 2017, they have not released a music video or performed on a Korean broadcast.

AxB Entertainment’s description of the “Curious Digital” single:

“Curious” is a song with an urban medium dance pop genre with impressive lyrics describing the push-and-pull relationship between a man and a woman who are both playing clueless and hard to get. The song's refrain particularly talks about the feeling of dating in their 20s, and has a refreshing vibe to it.


  • The age gap between the oldest member, Junghoon, and the maknae, Honey, is 4 years, 10 months, and 19 days.
  • Doah, Juno, and Honey were all born in June.  They’re all Geminis.
  • Junghoon and Daeyoung were born one day apart in July of 1990.  They’re both Cancers born in the Year of the Horse.
  • The shortest members, Junghoon and Daeyoung, is 175 cm or 5'9" tall.
  • The tallest members, Doah and Honey, are both 181 cm or 5'11½" tall.  They’re 6 cm taller than the shortest members.
  • Daeyoung and Honey’s blood type is O.
  • Doah and Juno’s blood type is B.
  • Junghoon is the only member whose blood type is A.
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