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  Active: 3 years 11 months

  Gender: Male

  of Members: 5


  Imfact Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Jeup 제업 Park Jeup Vocal, Visual 26 172 cm or 5'7½" Gemini Rooster A
Taeho 태호 Kim Taeho Vocal, Dancer 26 172 cm or 5'7½" Scorpio Rooster O
Jian 지안 Lee Jian Leader, Dancer, Rapper 26 169 cm or 5'6½" Scorpio Rooster O
Sang Lee Sang Vocal 24 176 cm or 5'9½" Libra Pig B
Ungjae 웅재 Na Ungjae Maknae 21 174 cm or 5'8½" Gemini Tiger B
  About Imfact 임팩트  

In Korean, there is no Hangul sound for the letter F, so the sound and letter P are substituted for English words containing an F. The way to spell "Imfact" in Hangul is 임팩트, which is also how you would spell "impact."

Star Empire states that the name Imfact has two meanings: to have an impact on Kpop and to impart facts through truthful music: "I’m fact." The group also needed a unique name that would make it easier for fans to search for them online. This clever backwards translation misspelling is a helpful tool that many new idol groups are using.

Six years after ZE:A's debut in 2010, Star Empire Entertainment debuted their second male idol group, Imfact. The group's concept is that all five members will participate in all aspects of making music by singing, writing, composing, and producing. They believe that being so personally involved will produce songs that are honest and truthful. They hope that sincerity will help their music resonate with fans and get the attention of the public, eventually creating a lasting impact on Kpop.

In an interview, the members used their debut song to explain a little about what their appeal is, saying, “Imfact’s charms are sweet and diverse like lollipops. That’s one of the greatest pros about this group, along with the fact that we are always bright and energetic. We want to become a group that can cheer up fans who are feeling down. We want to give fans joy by producing lots of diverse music.”


Leesang was spotted by Star Empire Entertainment when he was three years old. Prior to debut, Jian worked as a backup dancer for B1A4 and Juniel. Jeup learned taekwondo and was even a member of a national team when he was in high school. Taeho was a trainee for several labels such as MBK Entertainment and Happy Face Entertainment.

The group performed at a Kpop concert called “2015 Feel Korea in New Delhi” on August 29, 2015, to build experience before their debut.

In the days leading up to debut, fans got a chance to get to know Imfact through their show "Imfact Alive" on their YouTube channel, which gave a glimpse of their vocal and dance talents.


After dropping individual and group teaser photos and videos, Imfact released their debut single album Lollipop on January 27, 2016. The mini album's four songs, including the title track, were produced by the members.

They held a debut showcase for the press hosted by Z:EA's Kwanghee, followed by the group's official broadcast debut stage on January 28th on the music program "M Countdown."

Fan Club - IF

On August 13, 2016, the five-member group held an hour-and-a-half long live broadcast on Naver's V app to celebrate their 200th day since debut and also to announce their fan club name.

The members spent the time chatting with fans about their anniversary as well as celebrating with a cake. After plenty of drum rolls and excitement, the group announced that their fan club name is “IF.” While holding up balloons of the letters I and F, they explained, “It means that Imfact and fans are one.”

The members say that they like the fan club name because it implies that Imfact and their fans can never be separated. It has the added meaning of all of the possibilities for their future when it’s read as “if.”


  • The age gap between the oldest member, Jeup, and the maknae, Ungjae, is 5 years, 1 month, and 1 day.
  • Taeho and Jian were both 7 days apart in November of 1993.  They’re both Scorpios.
  • Jeup and Ungjae are both Geminis.
  • Sang is the only Libra in the group.
  • Jeup, Taeho, and Jian were all born in the Year of the Rooster.
  • Taeho and Jian’s blood type is O.
  • Sang and Ungjae’s blood type is B.
  • Jeup is the only member whose blood type is A.
  • Jeup and Taeho both speak Mandarin.
  • Jian, Sang, and Ungjae all speak Japanese.
  • Jeup and Taeho are both 172 cm or 5'7½" tall.
  • At 169 cm or 5'6½", Jian is the shortest member.
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