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  Active: 4 years 11 months

  Gender: Male

  of Members: 3


  Rubber Soul Group Stats Chart
Stage Name Birth Name Position Birthday Age Height Star Sign C Y BT
Lala 라라 Park Geul La Leader, Vocal, Rapper 29 160 cm or 5'3" Sagittarius Horse O
Choi Cho 최초 Choi Choa Vocal 27 164 cm or 5'4½" Taurus Monkey B
Kim Kim Yeseul Vocal, Rapper, Maknae 26 167 cm or 5'5½" Taurus Rooster O
  About Rubber Soul  

Rubber Soul debuted on February 10, 2015, with the song "Life" featuring Mad Clown, who also helped mentor them. The trio are under three labels: Universal Music Korea, Happy Tribe Entertainment, and withHC. The trio was named after the Beatles album Rubber Soul. This name is meant to convey the group's wish to connect with their audience as performers and artists.


The group performed their single "Life" for the first time on February 10, 2015, on SBS MTV's "The Show." This marked their official debut, and the group continued promotions on various shows for a few months with both "Life" and their side-track "Lonely Friday" which features Mad Soul Child's Jinsil.

Rubber Soul continued to promote their singles via street performances in Hongdae, as well as performing lives of unreleased songs such as "Choice" and "Beautiful Woman."

In February, they appeared on the first episode of the sixth season of "SNL Korea."

The trio also participated in a pictorial in Dazed magazine in April.

The group performed alongside other Korean artists such as Myname, GFriend, Galaxy Express, T-ara, Mamamoo, and more in September for the Asian Music Network festival.

In October 2015, the group participated alongside Giriboy, Black Nut, and Genius Nochang in a pictorial for Vans and the winter collection "Designed for the Elements."


  • The age gap between the eldest member, Lala, and the maknae, Kim, is 2 years, 5 months, and 4 days.
  • Choi Cho and Kim were both born in May under the zodiac sign Taurus.
  • Lala and Kim are both blood type O.
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