Cactus by A.C.E. 에이스
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Album: 183 x 252 mm
Photo book: 56 pages
USB drive: greeting video & 6 concept photos

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Review from KPopReviewed. (Lightly edited.)

The song delves into a more intense and bass heavy style of EDM, which actually sounds quite good. The verses highlight their vocal potential. I personally think that is a smart idea. But when it comes to the chorus and the dance breaks, the song does not hold back with the intensity. It’s perfect for them to show off their dance skills during that massive hit of energy, otherwise known as the dance breaks. It is the type of song that would get your heart pumping at a club. While it does sound noisy and dense, the sound actually works quite well. The more I am listening to the song, the more I fall into it. The instrumental makes it addictive to listen and it gives you that same feeling of being at the edge of your seat, especially the ending. For a debut song, you need to get noticed and they definitely debuted with a song that definitely got me noticing.

 1. "Cactus" (선인장)

 2. "Cactus" (Instrumental)