Color Crush by Elris 엘리스
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Color Crush
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by FireBunny at (Lightly edited.)

 1. Heart Bank

I guess Hunus Ent. raised their budget and got some great producers to make this album because literally this entire album is a bop.

If you think about it and listen to this song carefully, it kinda sounds like a sequel song to "Searching for Elris" or "We, First" because they use similar beats. Which made both of them bops if you have a music palette like mine.

 2. Pow Pow

You can really hear all of the influences in here and it really suits them. That electric guitar sound I'm really digging by the way. This song gave me rock vibes at first listen but was also still poppy, perfect for the girl's ages right now. It's cute and still a sharp song.

I think I'm pretty sure that this is the first time that I'm sure 99% of us have heard the phrase "Love love love is volcano" in a song. It goes well with the instrumental and really shows their bubbly and cheerful selves. Makes me just wanna hug them.

That rap part is amazing too. I've never heard that kind of rapping speed in a cute concept group honestly. Really surprising to me if I'm speaking honestly. It just added more energy to the song which gave me even more energy.

 3. Roopretelcham

The song is funky and gives off some unique vibes. It honestly sounds like something you'd hear in an ice skating rink in the beginning and transitions to what seems to be a fairy tale. I can't even explain this because it's just so amazingly strange. It has so many different sounds to it and has a really soft but addictive melody with little hints of electric guitar here and there. It sounds as if this is a theme song for a fairy tale. Yet has a grand opening kind of feel. I can imagine this song fitting like some kind of candy or sugary palace.

 4. Wonderland Girl

Sounds like something you'd hear at a cafe and gives off really friendly vibes. It's like a mix of strange and rainbows thrown in one blender and someone added some happiness and boom: this song was born. I really like it honestly. It kinda sounds like the ending of a movie too (because ending credit songs are usually happy and upbeat).

There are so many auras that this song has, with happiness being the main one. Another main thing that I like about it are the vocals. They seem so at ease here and I could listen to them all day long, honestly, no problem for me.

 5. Farewell (feat. A-Tom)

A-Tom is currently on hiatus from ToppDogg but he's still working with Hunus. He's gonna debut with JBJ so get ready.

Anyways, when I heard of a collaboration track I was excited because A-Tom did a cover of "A Midnight Summer's Sweetness" by San E and Raina with Sohee and the collaboration was very cute. So I immediately listened to this song when it came out and could get the emotions from it. I checked the English translation of the lyrics. THEY ARE SO DEEP. I just love them because sadly, it's hard to see these kind of lyrics nowadays.

 6. Midnight, Moonlight

This was one of the songs we were teased about. It's kinda really magical almost. Something you'd listen to while looking at the stars and laying down on the grass.

It's a calming song but it's still "upbeat" I guess. This song is the "vocal bomb" I'll call it as it showcases more of their vocals. I think it's good that groups are including "vocal bombs" in their albums to show different sides to them. This song shows a kind of "paradise" feeling to me. Like everything is at peace and you can just relax without a worry in the world. I would say this song is a big stress reliever so I think if you guys and girls are just tired from school/work you should give this song a listen. It's calm and relaxing, like the ocean.