All Day Good Day by Good Day 굿데이
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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All Day Good Day
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by sky at (Lightly edited.)

 1. Rolly

I really like how the song feels funky and lighthearted and shows off the girls' personalities really well.

The song has a 50s swing style. The song starts with the main chorus (로리루), a technique which is, recently, becoming increasingly popular at the start of upbeat, feel good songs. It sets the tone for the rest of the song and lets you know what to expect, which is a smart move to use in a debut.

Even during a solo, there's always some sort of backing vocal, making the song seem fuller, and as if more is going on, contributing to the funky feel. I have to say, all of the girls have amazing voices which work well together in harmonies and also in solos. Each member has a good amount of time for their solo which is a good way to introduce new fans to the girls and what their voices sound like.

One of my favorite things about the song is how well constructed it is, like making both the first and second verses match in length, making the chorus have more than just "rolly roo," and even changing up the last chorus after the bridge. By doing this, it has a good balance between predictability and variation. The trumpet and piano mix of the melody is consistent throughout the whole song apart from the pre-chorus and bridge and has some variation in the second verse. Trumpet, piano, and contrabass were commonly used in the 50s, which is why the song has such a swing feeling, minus the contrabass to make it more modern.

The bridge and final chorus are by far my favorite parts of the song. The bridge is sung wonderfully by Nayoon and Heejin, which grounds the song to be more sweet and calm, which I think represents the two girls who sing it well. The piano and vocal solo at the beginning of the final chorus, right after the bridge, is used as a small build up to make the final chorus seem even more powerful and serves well as the climax of the song. The song ends perfectly with a very typical set of chords that you tend to hear in a lot of swing music. The reason it's used so much is because it works well, so it was a good choice to use it

An upbeat, swing tune which matches the members' personalities and puts you in a good mood instantly, perfect for a celebration or if you need to be cheered up.

 2. Skip This Moment (이 순간을 넘어)

This song is from the Good Morning sub-unit. It's a sweet, lighthearted song which fits the sub-unit name well. With sweet vocals and a funky synth, this song is perfect to listen to, of course, in the morning, or while relaxing.

 3. Fly Away

This song is from the Good Night sub-unit. It's a bittersweet ballad, pulled together with gorgeous harmonies. A steady rhythm and breathtaking bridge make this song perfect for after a heartbreak or if you want to cry.

 4. Party After Party

This song is from the Midnight sub-unit. It's a modern, energetic song which fits its name well and is intoxicating to listen to. Perfect for a long journey or if you want to dance.