The girl next door by Hash Tag 해시태그
• EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Album: 140 x 125 mm

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The girl next door
EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Eric R. Wirsing at (Lightly edited.)

They have cuteness down to a science. They also have something which many cute bands lack, which is a filled-out sound. The songs don't sound like they were slapped together, nor do they lack identity, per se. I rather enjoyed listening to this debut, and look forward to hearing more from Hash Tag.   

 1. Intro

The EP kicks off with the intro track and it's an ethereal piece and features the girls' beautiful vocals. Coming in at 39 seconds, it's also super-short.

 2. Hue (ㅇㅇ)

We move quickly on to "o o (Hue)." It alternates between cute and playful. There are some fierce moments here, and I love the chorus, which features a few different voices than you usually hear from a cute concept band.

 3. It

"It" is a stab at some soft pop. It's a sweet and adorable bop.

 4. Herz

"Herz" stands for "Hertz," measuring how often a sound wave or alternating current changes. It's sort of a power ballad, and the girls' voices sound so darling. They're pitched high, but it works really well here.

 5. When It Rains (비가 내리면)

"When It Rains" is a pretty, mostly stripped down ballad. And it's where their vocal capabilities are most obvious, and there's some serious talent here.

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