Freeze by Momoland 모모랜드
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Album: 170 x 170 mm
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EP / Mini Album / Digital

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Review by Eric R. Wirsing at (Lightly edited.)

Joining the summer comeback club is Momoland, with their new mini-album Freeze. This new release has five new tracks on it (well, four and a remix), and the band teams up with the same producers who made their first mini-album.

I think this is one of their better albums (I know, there are only two). This one feels more like they were trying to branch the girls out a bit, with some cute bits and a great deal less fluff -- in short, more lit songs. This mini-album works magic and then some as an awesome summer album. 

 1. Freeze (꼼짝마)

The album kicks off with "Freeze," which begins and ends with a circus theme. What you think about this depends on how you view the circus and carnivals in general. This is one of those songs that makes me glad that Momoland is still around, as they get better each comeback. This is a good summer bop, with awesome hooks, an angelic pre-chorus, and great bridges. 

 2. I Like It (좋아)

In some ways, "I Like It" is a better song than "Freeze." But it's more confident and makes much less of an attempt to be cute than the title track. And it also seems more filled out, though that may be because of the lower register vocals as well as some of the bass lines. To coin their phrase, I like it. 

 3. What Planet Are You From? (너, 어느 별에서 왔니)

"What planet are you from?" is the phrase I would ask more angrily than they do. Instead, we get a cute, sweet, ballad. And it's very relaxing, if very simple. I do like the fact that it's stripped down, as it makes it more personal than the crashing chords of a full orchestra. In this one, they return to the cuter voices that we heard in the first track. 

 4. Orgel (오르골)

This is a very upbeat song and has some wonderful bass synths that make this tune almost schizoid with the high voices in contrast. It reminds me of "I Like It," only it's quieter, and a lot more adorable.

 5. Wonderful Love (어마어마해) EDM ver.

"Wonderful Love (EDM Ver.)" is pretty much the same as the original, only about 6 seconds longer. They remixed a generous portion of it, adding a stronger techno backing track and extending small parts here and there by adding some dubstep-style elements. Other than that, it's mostly the same song. I thought "Wonderful Love" was fun, so this is an interesting take.

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